Bill Gaffney Custom Package 

Bill Gaffney Custom Package

Per discussion


  • Website complete package per discussion i.e. hosting etc; I'll separate billing for OCR and pro-rate it and then refund that, since we are merging domains.
  • Social media per email
  • 2x-monthly consulting including google analytics 


  1. Website - move to WP, unify OCR to it in a /reverse-mortgage section - main reasons = plugins & customizable & extendable & power to do other agency-type stuff + automation.

    1. Cost as subscription $70/mo for site + hosting + WP & plugin maintenance, optimization, hardening (security), all the basics done right.

    2. True mobile formatting, better SEO, etc. - lots of benefits built in.


    1. Roger identify each month, scheduled, audit the company, website, promotion, industry trends, rates, everything and come up with recommendations for the lowest hanging fruit - the best impact vs cost things to do.

      1. Scheduled for week of 1st & 15th, minimum of 1 hour each in a sprint.

      2. Review Google Analytics each month

      3. Make notes for our own content & promotions

      4. Review Google Trends (what’s trending) as related to mortgage / real estate

      5. Get feedback from Bill as to #1 problem - will usually be traffic, but after 6 months or so of work, it should shift to balance of traffic vs. conversion i.e. converting web visitors into actual callable leads / appointments.

      6. Send Bill an email about recommendations + findings - generally know what’s going on with the business.

      7. Cost $200/mo

      8. Includes some non-billable hours between i.e. thinking, keep an eye on articles, etc. that stuff doesn’t count toward hours.

      9. May include recommendations of products or services we don’t sell


    1. Branding Maintenance “Mortgage guy of choice” maintenance

      1. 1 post every 3 weeks hand-written about whatever is determined in above research - will vary

      2. Also a non-post FB thing to post either story of success, testimonial, or “I’m a good human” non-work image+ quote and/or holiday image from library with Bill’s branding on it

      3. Written by Roger directly not outsourced

      4. $75/mo

      5. Includes not just writing but optimization for SEO and minor formatting for FB + posting to FB with optional boosted post i.e. $20, usually small budget to extend range.

      6. Article topics will be run by Bill first

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