Wordpress Membership Sites Basic Setup Package 

Wordpress Membership Sites Basic Setup Package

A complete very basic membership Wordpress site that you can charge for, or use with an offline business, or as a lead generator.

Imagine having a website with 1,000 subscribers paying $25/mo - that's $25,000/month cash flow, even if you take off a week in the bahamas. Get it to 10,000 paying subscribers and that's $3mil/year. Or keep it a side hustle with only 100 subscribers, that's still $2,500/mo. We won't judge. Most importantly, you'll have the framework and foundation to build a true recurring revenue business.

Everything included in our foundational Wordpress website, and also membership systems, so you'll have:

  1. Logged out home page, anyone can see, with login functions
  2. Logged in home page, only members can see
  3. Logged out + logged in main navigation, so the nav-bar at the top knows if you are logged in or not. 
  4. Cookie based login system
  5. Payments: Charge for membership, and if payment fails or is stopped, the user will get locked out
  6. Emails - new user welcome, payment receipts
  7. Any page or blog can be set to members-only; if a non-user tries to access, it will redirect them to sign up (and pay, if you are charging).
  8. You'll also have an admin panel so you can see your subscribers, track your growth and more.

Naturally, this is Wordpress, so you'll have an easy control panel.

Note this is just the basics. A full fledged system with design work, e-covers, etc. can run over $10,000, and recurring-revenue e-businesses are easy to flip & sell to large competitors, but all that design work etc is not included - it's just the basics, but if you're willing to write some content, pick some stock photos, and promote the site, you'll be all set, and can hire designers (or do it yourself) to get this moving.

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Requires SwiftCloud membership systems; includes 3 months of membership software unlimited users.