Small Business Hero / Agency & WordPress Partners Program

Earn easy money helping Small Businesses Grow!

SwiftCloud is looking to partner with small agencies, wordpress web developers, and sales professionals bridging our automation software such as electronic signature to the needs of small businesses.

This is ideal for:

  • Small agencies focused on WordPress, PPC, SEO
  • Freelance web designers, who are perhaps great designers but not as deep into coding
  • Consultants
  • Sales pros who just need a compelling, future-proof product to sell

For the right partner, this should yield many thousands of dollars in potentially just a few hours for an average income of hundreds of dollars per hour, or even more if you have a book of business serving a specific industry.

The easiest money will be made by “going deep” on a specific industry, so that you can re-use content and knowledge.

Just a few examples might include:

  • e-Signature for a specific industry – sell a $99 setup package for a plumbing / dental / chiropractor / any industry (these are just examples). Once you’ve done the first one, setup of successive accounts can be done in literally 10 minutes, copying and pasting the code, which could even be outsourced or done in batches.
  • Sell a “franchise” for any industry that’s very dependent on documents, such as credit repair, business plans, etc. leveraging SwiftCloud docs and templates system; setup of the templates could be done in 1 hour and what you charge for this could be $1,000 to $100,000, depending on your value and industry.
  • Refer complex projects. If you’re a WordPress developer or small agency and come across projects that are impractical for WordPress and/or highly complex, we should talk. We’ve developed both fully custom and semi-custom applications for clients at a variety of price points and can handle truly anything. We have code used by the DEA to track methedone, mission-critical load balancing servers handling 1,000,000+ sales records, clients generating 65+sales leads a day distributed to sales teams, developed custom scrapers & spiders and more. Much of our most powerful code is protected by NDA, but we can talk about specific capabilities with detail & expertise. You’ll get paid and stay involved while looking good & helping your clients. We can do simple WordPress projects too – but so can a lot of people; our specialty is high-end web-based businesses, fully custom plugins, complex sites like membership management, etc.

To get started, click the Apply Now button below to tell us just a bit about yourself below, and we’ll get in contact. Note this is using our Job Applicant Tracking (Applicant Tracking System, “ATS”) software as part of SwiftCloud – so you’ll see it in action and it’s yet another system you can sell.

Note we use video whenever possible, so that we only answer a question once, and leverage communication into one-to-many platforms. We’ll be happy to speak individually as needed, but in most cases, early communication will be handled via video or blog post whenever possible.

What’s Required:

  • 100% flexible time & location – this is not a traditional employment situation. You can work from home, work from a sailboat, work from a laptop while traveling – whatever you prefer.
    • We may on occasion refer setup & installation work to those who have brought clients to us and/or been involved in setup of other existing clients and want work. Our Consultant Marketplace will be live in April.
  • We’ll soon create a formal certification which will consist of watching a few videos, demonstrating proficiency, and agreement to some basic terms such as representing yourself as your own company that works with SwiftCloud, not as a formal representative or employee of SwiftCloud.
  • You should have some business already in play. If you’re just starting out, that’s cool – we’d strongly encourage you to go “deep” not “wide”, meaning, focus all your attention on a single industry, not geographic territory. You’ll make more money and build a reputation faster.

What You’ll Get:

  • 100% of setup fees to keep
  • Benefits from SwiftCloud such as not just a free account for your own business, but also credit toward help on software projects or advanced options beyond your skill
  • Sales commission on large or semi-custom projects
  • Referrals from us, prioritized to those who have brought us business and/or demonstrate industry expertise.
July 9, 2018
Swift Cloud SMB Growth Systems – SwiftCloud

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Equal Opportunity

SwiftCloud is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate by race, religion, gender, sexual preference, caste, or any other protected status.

We definitely discriminate by technical ability and are looking for exceptional talent & attention to detail.

Work from Home or Anywhere

Most positions have clear Key Mission Metrics (KMMs) and thus staff can work whenever & wherever they like. Deliver great work on time and we’re good, and if you don’t, being in an office won’t save you.

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