Sharp Wordsmith / Writer / Journalist / Communications Pro

We are looking for one under-appreciated smart wordsmith to help with communications. This role can start small & may grow into a VP of Communications type role.

The ideal candidate has some background in journalism and thus can bring both an investigative approach to creating marketing assets and thus communicate value to our audience, as well as understanding the needs of media professionals and interfacing with the press and influencers.


  • Excellent fully fluent-level business english. Outside the U.S. is ok, but initially our primary markets are english-speaking.
  • Available occasionally by voice via phone, skype, google chat, etc.; at times the CEO would ideally like to send video clips while away from the computer about a story, audience, new feature.
  • Attention to SEO, though we’ll have separate SEO specialists for analysis, keywords, etc.. Part of the job requirement will be providing content (articles, typically) around a given phrase based on SEO analyst requests.
  • Self motivation: We are a results-focused company and thus you can work whenever, wherever and however you like as long as the outcomes move the needle. This means tremendous freedom, but it also requires a focused work environment (e.g. home office) and self discipline.
  • Proactive approach – ideas welcome – about how to reach metrics / KPIs. We believe in hiring great people then getting out of the way, so the ideal person can work toward an outcome proactively instead of being told what to do.

Typical Tasks / Job Description:

Note: This looks a bit overwhelming: We’ll start small. Below is our goal for a few months or year out.

  • Press releases, based on a variety of inputs – a short youtube clip from the CEO while out biking because that’s when his head was clear, or a help blog-entry, or demo-video of a new function, or a customer success story
  • Then getting that syndicated to vertical industry media outlets & influencers (either syndicating yourself or via delegation)
  • Social media posts
  • Forum discussion & posts
  • Ensuring ads are on-brand, writing sales copy for ad campaigns
  • Refining or revising web sales pages from geeky engineer types into smoothly flowing prose the target audience can understand
  • Blog posts like
  • Short sales video scripts
  • Email autoresponder sequences
  • Publicity work or influencer outreach
  • Other wordsmithing to help target audiences understand how our powerful software can make their lives better, give them more free time to spend with family or on things they’re passionate about.

What you’ll get if it’s a match:

  • Fulfilling & interesting work
  • Competitive pay and as we grow, top-of-class pay for key staff + benefits
  • Meaningful work. We help small businesses grow, which helps them hire, helps small companies compete against larger companies, and helps our clients free up time to spend with their families and on their passions.
  • Growth. The company is starting to grow from tiny startup to a real company and we are on track to move from a staff of 10 to 100 in the coming 24 months.
  • Flexibility & freedom for schedule. Just do awesome work. Zero commute, work from anywhere.
  • You’ll be surrounded by good people who have your back.
  • Fun – contests, company trips – we work from home, but value getting together once in a while to mix business & pleasure.

About SwiftCloud

SwiftCloud is currently focused on business applications – sales contract automation, e-signature, proposal tracking, and CRM functions related to sales and marketing for small & medium businesses, solopreneurs, and sales professionals.

SwiftCloud is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate by race, religion, gender, sexual preference, caste, or any other protected status.

Note: At this time this is a freelance position, however, it may evolve into a full time W2 position if preferred.

May 5, 2019
Swift Cloud SMB Growth Systems – SwiftCloud

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Equal Opportunity

SwiftCloud is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate by race, religion, gender, sexual preference, caste, or any other protected status.

We definitely discriminate by technical ability and are looking for exceptional talent & attention to detail.

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