Marketing Automation

What’s better than an army of perfectly trained staff? Robotics! Our marketing automation works 24/7, never needs a break, and can be triggered by a variety of methods and filters. Put your business growth on autopilot, so you can focus on your core operations. By integrating your company sales pipeline with intake points you’re already using such as email, your phone, or even scanning paper business cards you’ll find marketing easy and even exciting, as you see clear and consistent results from organizing chaotic and disconnected data into one clean source in the cloud, synced any device 24/7.

Relationship Marketing Software

Imagine your clients self-duplicating, automatically referring people and businesses for you to help. Swift Marketing helps automate this with gentle, well timed surveys, refer-a-friend systems, and capture forms, and referral database tracking systems. We’ll help you schedule client referral parties, and implement proven referral generation systems nearly automatically. For people you meet in passing, we’ll help you and your business stick in their minds as the professional of choice using fully automated relationship follow-up systems.

Autoresponders & Mass Email

Autoresponders are a simple, powerful way to fulfill promises quickly – such as giving away lead generation “bait”, or delivering sequential media. Legacy autoreponder systems were simply never built to be true marketing automation – they are limited to opt-in date as the trigger, but they do still work. We have the basics covered, with much more power than competing systems – send out mass email based on tags, subtract an audience, combine multiple together, or add conditional logic (such as did not click or did not respond, or buyers only) to market by intent, by intake method, by sales agenda, and more. Naturally, you can see how many were delivered, bounced, and clicked so you can quickly see customer interest, or stagger a list on a “throttled trickle”, so your sales team has a steady stream of incoming leads instead of a single blast.

Inbound Marketing

Unlike competitors who virtually force you to use expensive and proprietary Content Management Systems (i.e. rebuilding your website), we focus on simplifying and tracking the inbound marketing actions and results, so you can use it with any website. If you’re using Inbound Marketing with WordPress, our WordPress Plugin can instantly embed call-to-action forms, popups, and tracking data into your site, with no programming or HTML required. Swift Marketing’s wizard interface can help you clarify the audience, create lead generation bait or a Call-To-Action, then track the content generation for “thought leadership marketing” which demonstrates your expertise by solving “problem-aware” search phrases, ranking and winning traffic for “solution aware” media, then finally dominating your “brand aware” phrases wherein customers are considering buying and need to grow trust and perceived value.

Event Marketing

Put both online webinars and video-on-demand as well as offline events on marketing autopilot. Create the event, then pre-schedule reminders for weeks, a day, hours, or minutes before the event, then automatically follow up with attendees and non-attendees separately. Track your RSVPs, and because this is integrated with SwiftCloud, attendee action or inaction can then be escalated, tracked, and trigger automation in the relationship marketing systems.

Lead Scoring – BETA

First generation systems required extensive configuration of points value based on action. For clients that use Swift CRM, we can help score leads totally hands free by installing simple tracking code into your website(s) and lead generation forms. Leveraging next-generation Neural Network based code in which various factors are weighted, you’ll automatically know who to focus your sales team’s attention on and who can remain on incubation campaigns.