LenderMate.com has become part of SwiftCRM!

This is great news. All the customization and power that Lendermate had has been folded into SwiftCRM.com and improved upon. The vision that was Lendermate has finally been realized, putting into your hands the power to automate your business and work more effectively than ever before.

LenderMate.com was originally born in 2002 as a mortgage CRM. This system was called a “whiteboard on steriods” by mortgage brokers, and had a small but very loyal group of users.

Some of the features we have included from the lendermate days include:

  • Whiteboard style tracking of deals in process, with automated triggers based on status
  • Nearly instant team-building (i.e. add a favorite appraiser, title/abstract rep, etc. in seconds)
  • data-sharing so realtors and clients can see status at any time.
  • Vendor/Lender database
  • Note any file in seconds and see past history
  • Analytics / Stats – see historical closing ratios, average income-per-deal, etc.
  • Data Sharing i.e. a processor and LO both see the same file

In addition, we have many features we planned before but didn’t get to build, such as

  • Store any type of file with a lead/transaction (i.e. appraisal is stored online in the file)
  • Online application / 1003 integration
  • Far superior automation tools
  • Better handling of lead-types – do you can better automate FHA vs. Reverse Mortgage vs. Loan Mods, etc.
  • iSignature.com electronic signature is 100% integrated
  • Web-form handling and Movoxo.com media handling is 100% integrated.

We’d love to show you what SwiftCRM (LenderMate.com 4.0?) can do for you. Create a free trial account today! Contact our team with any questions.