If you’re looking for a Loan Modification Net Branch, odds are high you used to be in the mortgage industry – simply because the phrase “net branch” was commonly used by mortgage lenders. For anyone with mortgage experience, setting up a loan modification net branch is usually pretty easy, because you’re used to dealing with DTI, LTV, and lenders. For anyone new to that lingo, that’s Debt-to-Income ratio, and Loan-to-value ratio.

Gendesic, Movoxo, and SwiftCRM have teamed up to offer what we believe to be the world’s best Loan Modification Net Branch. It includes everything you need to be up and running and profiting from the booming loss mitigation industry within about a week. Our package includes:

  • Website – Highly Search-Engine-Optimized, pre-loaded with testimonials from a “sister company” until you replace them with your own, an application section, frequently asked questions, and more. In addition, we can help with internet marketing for leads, via producing banner ads, custom blog skins to enhance your SEO, and some of the industry’s best-converting landing pages for use with Pay-Per-Click (i.e. Google, MSN, Yahoo).
  • Videos – these will be embedded into your website. We actually have several videos relevant to your new loan modification net branch, which are:
    • Loan Mod short video + ghostwritten report to give away and create leads
    • Loan Mod main sales video to explain the process and help you sell
    • Stop Foreclosure video to help cast a wider net when selling, and increase investor referrals
  • SwiftCRM to manage and distribute your leads, set up advanced autoresponders, and handle incoming leads automatically so you can constantly optimize your business.

One of the most common mistakes in setting up a loan modification net branch is doing the negotiation yourself. Like mortgages, there are servicing companies who do a great job with this and by handling a much larger volume, allow you to focus on sales, deliver a superior service to the client (i.e. get better negotiations, larger principal reductions, etc. and more consistent results), and also provides an eye toward compliance in this rapidly evolving industry.

As we set up your branch we will recommend and help you set up with the right back-end service provider based on your plans. Which one you choose varies by your marketing plans and the states in which you are doing business.

In addition, your loan modification net branch package will include:

  • Training, including real sales calls
  • Contracts
  • Mail marketing systems

Nobody can ethically make any guarantee of income for your loan modification net branch, however, we do know of affiliates making over $100,000 per month. Considering our economy, this is a tremendous opportunity to truly help thousands of people get out of debt while earning a very substantial income for yourself.

In addition, anyone considering entering the field of loss mitigation should also look at debt settlement. We have a package option with a website for both, and the two services fit together hand and glove. Loan Modification payout typically yields a few thousand dollars all at once, while debt settlement can provide a cash stream for typically 18 months. Some providers then add credit repair to the end for another $750 to $2500 profit on the end, for a total per-client fees that can exceed $10,000 while genuinely helping the client at fair market value. Naturally, we have websites and marketing systems and servicers for this “holy trinity of bad-economy businesses”.

If you’re curious or serious, contact us for more information on building your loan modification net branch – we’ll be happy to help.