Loan Mod’s are hot – and so any Loan Modification Website Design needs to pull all the tricks in the book to be competitive.

A few months back, we built and for a client. These extensive custom projects included custom wordpress themes (two of them! one for member’s only, another external public blog), a membership management system with automated checkout process, mass email campaigns and help, CPA network integration, setup on clickbank affiliate network system, and of course, a compelling front end. This landing page loan modification website design features sidebar testimonials, multiple calls to action, exit pop-ups, multiple downsells for escaping web visitors, custom checkout page, and even a viral “refer a friend” section.

The ironic part of this loan modification website design was that the client behind this had some personal emergencies come up, and as a result, could not follow up on the leads created by this system – so for several months, this system was languishing on the shelf, after many thousands of dollars of custom work.

Other examples of loan modification website design we have created includes as simple support for a company using mostly direct mail, and, a combination debt settlement and loan modification website design. Lately, we’ve had more requests for this, and so if you happen to offer both services, be sure to contact us for some additional examples or to discuss a specific design you have in mind.

When we produce a loan modification website design, one of the most important questions we need to ask is how you plan to market. For those planning to focus on internet marketing, our top recommendation is an integrated customized blog theme. By using wordpress with various search engine optimization customizations, we can “teach you to fish” so you can easily create your own leads. How that happens is excactly how you came to read this article – specific articles written around a specific keyword, i.e. “loan modification website design”. In addition, we have examples of other landing pages (aka “squeeze pages” designed to “squeeze out” a visitor’s name, phone, and email to create maximum leads for use with PPC (Pay-Per-Click, i.e. Google / Bing / Yahoo advertising).

All that said, the single most effective way to market loan mod services is actually direct mail, based on purchased data such as realtytrac or other list providers. Since real estate is public record, these providers allow you absolute focus with your marketing for very dependable results.  For companies advertising offline via direct mail, TV, or radio, you loan modification website design is more about creating trust and educating your homeowners than actually capturing data. For these companies, a big part of loan modification website design is also providing resources to clients such as guidelines for writing hardship letters, updates on specific lenders, specific conditions like licensing and compliance information or refund policies if required by law.

We have a video designed to help sell within your loan modification website design. This video is very carefully written to create value for your services and make it easier for your sales team to close. This video can sell for you 24/7, comes included in all our loan modification website design packages, and is branded to your company. Online sales video also makes it easier for a spouse to explain the service (and value!) to their partner, easier for referral sources to introduce you to new potential clients by emailing your video, and saves you and your team hundreds or thousands of hours per year on basic explanations.

Another bundled feature in our loan modification website design packages is integrated CRM (Client Relationship Management) and leads management. SwiftCRM, our online CRM system allows your loan modification website design to feed in complete applications and leads, diposition and track sales opportunities, contacts, and hundreds more tasks related to sales automation.

But don’t trust this little post – instead, take a tour! Learn more about our loan modification website design now by watching our tour videos, taking a tour of some of the websites we’ve built (over 100!), taking a test drive of the CRM, and finally letting us show you what we can do to help build your loan modification business. We look forward to chatting with you soon!