Electronic Signature Video Training

Using Swift Signature’s Electronic Signature WordPress Plugin (free) you can easily make any WordPress page e-signable.

Typical uses include:

  • Simple waiver of liability – great for gyms, real-world events i.e. paintball or trampoline or rock climbing gyms, travel groups i.e. tour buses, etc.
  • Sales agreements. Note you can combine this with e-commerce with online payment before or after signature.
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Clipboard “Go Paperless” e-paper replacement, when used with a tablet for auto mechanics, trade professionals (i.e. plumbing, contractors)
  • Or 1,000 other uses where a signature is required.

It’s fully legally binding, saves time and money, and perhaps most importantly can capture users into your marketing for mass email, autoresponders, and future engagement.

Setup is easy – anyone familiar with WordPress can easily create the agreement page, and all signatures are stored within your SwiftCloud account (free or paid) as PDFs, with advanced details about the user, should court enforcement ever be needed.

To get started, just signup above and choose a package, and follow the setup wizard to create your first form. The plugin allows for multiple pages or agreements, which can even be stacked together into an “envelope” if needed.

SwiftCloud can help you automate your business, and our electronic signature is integrated with our invoicing and e-commerce systems, staff & HR, time clock systems, task and project management and more. Let us know what you’re trying to accomplish, and we’ll be happy to design a package for you.