I recently saw a great marketing tip that we’ve been using for years, but upon reading it, I realized it’s not obvious:

Write the ad before you build or create the product.

That might sound a little counter-intuitive, but if you’re selling products online, you need to have a “level of engagement funnel”. This refers to a way to get people into your “cult” (in a good way), into your systems, regardless of how hot or cold they are.

This might look like:

  1. Free report / newsletter
  2. $9.97 a month subscription package of some type, or $39 kit, or $17 product
  3. $99 to $499 product
  4. $1997 2-day weekend seminar with you
  5. $10,000 personal coaching package

Obviously that’s just an example, but each level feeds the next.

Oh wait, this doesn’t apply to you, because you sell X, Y, or Z? Before you dismiss it, take the “spirit of it”, and ask yourself, how can you make it easy for interested but still casual consumers of your service or product to engage with you? I maintain that nearly every brand can benefit from this – and when you do, write the ad before you write the product.

If you’re a plastic surgeon, this might be a free report on “5 Common Plastic Surgeon Mistakes – and How to Find an Expert” (that’s a bit of repulsion marketing there), or if you’re a financial planner, “7 Hidden Tax Strategies to Save You 17% Next Year” (attraction marketing).

Write the ad, before you write the product, and you’ll uncover plenty of gold.

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