We are now beta testing international language options within our Electronic Signature WordPress plugin.

The new version-2 address book totally rocks and is trucking right along and will be on the shelf this spring / summer. It’ll be blazing fast, customizable, better looking and easier to use. Oh, and we’ll have options for the whole thing to be living on your own subdomain i.e. Connect.YourDomain.com or docs.YourDomain.com, and styled with your logos and colors.

The new SwiftCloud core will be internationalized from day 1 – with localized numbers and dates, languages, currency controls and more.

To get your language added, contact us – we’ll be happy to work with you on testing and welcome real-world users to help us polish things up to a shiny finish.

Current languages already  ordered include:

  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Serbo-Croatian / Bosnian
  • Hindi

Right-to-left languages will take a bit more time but are in the queue, drop us a line if interested in beta testing (i.e. Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, etc.)

Thank you for your patience as we grow.