How to Set Up Multiple Languages in SwiftCMS: This is easy enough to set up, though be advised it doubles or triples your website maintenance, so it’s best used with smaller websites under 20 pages.

Also, please note this is to provide a translation of a specific page / post. This will not re-skin the entire website, so for example, graphics including slideshow functions will still display in whatever language the site was initially authored in, usually English. If you need every aspect of your site translated, please contact us to get a proposal.

Steps to Enable:

  1. Enable the plugin qTranslate. We have researched the available options for you and decided this is/was the best. If you strongly believe some other plugin is better for you, simply contact us and we’ll add it for you. That said, please try qTranslate first as we’re adding greater integration over time based on this plugin.
    1. How to enable: go to Plugins >> qTranslate. Click “activate”.
  2. Define the languages in Settings >> Languages. Default is chinese and german; on the bottom right, click “deactivate” for these, and then click “activate” for the language(s) you wish to enable. Use the arrow keys at the top to move one language to the top, which will become the default language.
  3. If you need a language that is not there, contact us. There’s no charge for this, and we’ve already added most of the most common languages.
  4. If you need a language that reads from Right to Left (i.e. Hebrew, Arabic), contact us to get a proposal, as this will require some changes to the system your needs.
  5. Once the language(s) is/are enabled, you’ll have an option to write any post in multiple languages just by clicking the tab, and defining the title at the top. This title will reflect in the navigation automatically.

Enjoy. As usual, if you need more help, contact us and we’ll revise and update this page.