Never Sell on Price 1

Never Sell on Price

Gold Nugget: Someone calls and says “how much do you charge?”. Joe replies “What’s more important to you, value or price?”.

Of course most people will him and haw a bit and then it’ll open a conversation – during which you educate them on HOW to shop and why you deliver value.

Joe Polish is a great marketer who focuses entirely on mid-range and up businesses i.e. CEO’s and business owners who generally make a million or more.

What’s great about working with clients like that is they (you?) have the resources to put plans into action. Many times, a good marketing plan doesn’t require really that much money or time, but it virtually always requires _some_ money and time. Startups have it tough – you can’t afford to be wrong, so you need to invest more time and take lower risk, tried-and-true marketing methods… but these always have lower results.

Innovation carries risk (and potential reward).

In the above video, skip ahead to about 17:00 in if you’re in a hurry. It’s marketing gold.

Mike Koenigs interviews Joe Polish, who reveals some gems like educate your clients HOW to shop and you’ll command wider margins.

For the extra-credit folks, here’s the video he references with Sir Richard Branson