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10-video series for less than $18 Per Video!

Use them in autoresponders, on your social media, and more – Get 10x the mindshare for pennies per impression!

What’s included?

10 videos, created just for you – with your logo and/or photo, phone, and URL.

We’ll then get you the source video files and/or upload them to your YouTube account for you. Don’t yet have a YouTube account? This is the perfect way to kick off a channel – but don’t make all 10 public, instead, put up the first 5 then have people register to get the other 5. Embed 5 on your website, then get their name, email, and phone to get the other 5 – you get the idea.

These are just marketing magnets, and they work if you get them in front of people.

What else can you do with these?

  1. Add to an autoresponder sequence such as + Swift Marketing Suite (signup above)
  2. Add to your website(s)
  3. Promise these on landing pages as opt-in-bait
  4. Add to Facebook as an actual video – we give you the source videos!
  5. Add to YouTube, of course. We’ll upload ’em for you, no extra charge
  6. Add them to your 8×8 or 33 Touch (i.e. Keller Williams style sales sequences)
  7. Play them at your office or waiting room
  8. Burn ’em to DVD and give them away (doorknocking?)
  9. Run them as video ads on YouTube or Facebook
  10. Post them on Craigslist or other classifieds (technically, an icon linked to the video)
  11. Use them for SEO bait by tagging them with your cityname
  12. Use them with video syndication systems like TubeMogul & Traffic Geyser
  13. String ’em together and run them on public access TV!
  14. Burn to DVD and give to your local library
  15. …whatever else you can dream up. You can do anything except resell them.


Ok, sounds good. I like what I’m reading. But what do they cover?

Glad you asked. Written by a former agent & mortgage lender, these 10 videos cover your top 10 tips, tricks, and mistakes – and even do some of the “dirty work” covering the dangers of overpricing, so you can still come out smelling like roses as the expert, instead of being attacked as the messenger. Topics include:

  1. “Tip #1” – “Not Seeing Your Home as a Buyer”
  2. “Tip #2”  – “Choosing Your Agent on Emotion”
  3. “Tip #3”  – “Short Sale if Needed”
  4. Tip #4  – “Price for Selling Range”
  5. Tip #5  – “Make Profitable Repairs”
  6. Tip #6  – “Enter the Market Strong”
  7. Tip #7  – “Get a “Net Sheet” “
  8. Tip #8  – “Not Disclosing Defects”
  9. Tip #9  – “Present & Promote for Profit”
  10. Tip #10  – “The 1st Offer is Often the Best”

As you can see, you could totally do these yourself. All it would take is a few hours to voice, then edit the audio, then hire a video editor, then revise it because the editor didn’t really understand real estate, then get them rendered and compressed for the web, and presto-chango, done, right? Obviously you see the value – that’s why you’re reading, and at less than $18/video one-time investment for something that will last for years to come and could have tens of thousands of impressions, is doing it yourself worth your time?

We’re betting not. Get started now by checking out below, let us know a login and password to your YouTube if you want us to upload them for you, and we’ll get cracking. Please allow a few days to render these, and we’ll need your logo (we can pull off a website, but high res is better. Note we’ll have major logos i.e. Coldwell, C21, KW, etc.), headshot (if you want it on there), etc.

Click here to check out now, then email us below…


After you check out above, please email Roger {at} with this info:

  1. Name, as you want it on the intro/outro
  2. URL of your website
  3. Phone number you want to appear
  4. Logo (higher res is better) – Optional
  5. Headshot (higher res is better) – Optional
  6. A phone number, just for us (not public – just in case we have questions).

Have any questions? Let us know and we’ll update this page.