How to Open Links from your navigation menu in a new window or new tab.

Difficulty: Very easy – 1 out of 10 on difficulty.

  1. Navigate to Appearance >> Menu as would normally.
  2. In the very very top right, there’s a small tab called “menu options”, right next to “help”. Click it.
  3. When it opens, click the box for “Link Target”. Leave the rest unchecked if you don’t know what they do.

You’ve now enabled “target” – the next step is to specify it on any of the pages you want to open in a new target. By the way, this could be useful for iframes, for those who know what that means. If you don’t know what that means – ignore it and just know that it’s powerful and cool for when you need it.

Next when you add a link, specify “open in new window” – and you’re good to go.

As usual, if you need further help please contact us through support and we’ll update this page.