If you’re registering a new domain (often at GoDaddy, but any registrar will do), this post can save you some money and time.

First, don’t buy anything other than the domain itself. GoDaddy is the king of upsells – ignore all of it, skip to the bottom and just check out. The domain should cost about $10.87, though ICANN fees are going up a few cents so it maybe ~ $11 by the time you read this.

Do not buy hosting or any of the other services – hosting is included (must be included, actually, because of our control panel systems) with our services. Also, they’ve taken to defaulting to 5 years of registration, just register for 1 for now – cash flow is important to a startup. Change it here…

Next, right before you pay for the domain, it will save you some time to set the nameservers, like this:

Set them as:

ns1.mediatemple.net   ns2.mediatemple.net

Like this:

That’s it!

Doing this tells the world that your new website will be living in a certain folder on our servers – we’ll do the rest. Be sure to email your technician when this is done, to be 100% sure we have set up your email accounts, and configured our server to match your settings.

Questions? Post below and we’ll revise / update this post.