NextGen gallery is a plugin that SwiftCMS officially supports. Note this is not to be confused with our own proprietary gallery, which will be deprecated (phased out) in SwiftCMS 3.0, as we add more features to instead support more widely supported systems including this one.

So, over time, we recommend all galleries are converted from SwiftCMS’ own gallery and converted to this method, the NextGEN gallery.

How to use:

  1. Enable the plugin by logging into your site’s control panel, going to “Plugins”, finding (Control-F) “Next” then clicking activate.
  2. Rename the photos to be something SEO-Friendly for your website. For example, ideally, “barbados-wedding-planner.jpg”, not “1234.jpg”. This is optional, but recommended. There’s no wrong answer so don’t over think this, it’s just a bit of extra juice to help google & bing know what your site is about.

How to Order Images:

Questions? Missing some information? Let us know and we’ll update this page.