If you’re talented, we want YOU!

We have a mission: help business owners grow their businesses…. the way we do it is by making revolutionary software – and we do it in a fun, fun way.

Gendesic Inc. is 100% virtual – everyone works from home. That said, we’ll give you the support, connection, and tools you need to help you succeed.

We are actively seeking the following positions now (Updated Oct 16, 2009):

  • Sales Executives (Work-from-Home) – (USA, UK, AU, france & germany). You will be given leads, paid generously for success and have the potential to earn a handsome income and have fun helping small and mid-size businesses grow. This is a commission-only position, and if you earn less than $10,000 a month by the end of the first year, then we need to part ways: If you can close and are willing to work, we’d like to work with you.
  • Php Gurus. If you speak php fluently, know ajax, jquery, like a healthy mix of api’s, and like the idea of building sales robots to take over the world, we’d like to hear from you. Flexible scheduling for pro’s who deliver results, occasional delivered company meals, bonuses, and periodic raises for coders who can help us change the world.

What does working with Gendesic’s family of business services mean?

  1. Clients come first no matter what. We expect you to walk away from some clients for whom our services are not a match. We always do the right thing, and sometimes, that means losing a sale… for that reason, most of our clients completely and totally trust us – and that’s what we want. Our culture is almost like that of a “software co-op” – we’ll build whatever it takes to ensure our clients financially succeed. Our business is win-win, or no deal.
  2. Work hard, play hard, have FUN! Yeah, ok, so we all work from home. We still have webcams, company meals, and the occasional company trips. We intend to revolutionize how cool it can be to work from home and want your help! Real offices mean constant distractions, silly politics, and reduced productivity – since who we need to be in constant contact with is our clients and their needs. Working with Gendesic / SwiftCRM / iSignature / Movoxo means taking care of your health, living life fully, and enjoying your work.
  3. Great People. You’ll be surrounded by the brightest and best. We keep on staff fewer than 1 out of 4 trial-hires – and we genuinely hope you’re in that group! For that reason, we now screen very carefully to find people who are a good fit and we believe will succeed. We are believers in detailed personality profiling, coaching, accountability but no micro-management. If you’re ethical, hard-working, honest, organized, intelligent we’d like to hear from you regardless of formal degrees or training.
  4. Human patterns are harder to change than software. User interface comes first. Sometimes we’ll ask a programmer to spend literally over a day’s work for a feature that seems tiny – until you realize that button is used over 1,000,000 times by our subscribers. In addition, for every UI improvement we make, we save thousands on customer service costs, not to mention simply keeping our favorite users happy. Many of our best users are people who either hate computers or are not tech-savvy. Great UI is worth the cost.
  5. The web doesn’t need more information, it needs automation. So much of the modern sales process can be automated or streamlined, and it’s the #1 thing every business wants more of. We’re really tired of software that doesn’t talk to each other or work together, silly importing/exporting tricks which often result in data that doesn’t line up, services requiring a human to do simple tasks, and that whole copy and paste idea. We believe there’s a better way, and it looks like “information robotics”.
  6. We all win. Generous stock options are available after the trial period for the right partners.


Email help at SwiftCRM dot com; sales execs / partners please provide a resume/CV. Programmers please provide examples to online work and your role in it. Note in all cases we find a way to “test the waters” with a small paid project for programmers. You’ll work on a “fingernail” then a “finger” before we allow any open-heart surgery, so please be expecting that if we’re interested, we will start small.

No recruiters at this time – these are field / freelance positions only.