Let’s get you set up!

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Most are just a few minutes.

This process is best done in order without skipping steps.

  1. Start Simple: Add a basic Contacts Form to your website
    1. If using WordPress, use the free plugin
    2. If not using WordPress, see installation options.
  2. Add an Autoresponder + Maximize Lead Capture & List Growth
    1. Create some lead capture forms – popups, free reports, etc.
    2. Setup Swift Cloud company and dealtypes
    3. Setup Swift Marketing intake list
    4. Setup a “here’s what I do” campaign sequence
    5. Fulfill the free reports with an Intake Campaign
  3. Convert Leads to Clients with an a full detail form  for clients to Apply Online or Buy Online
    1. Setup an advanced form that feeds into Swift CRM for full applications or consultations.
  4. Setup a Helpdesk / Support Ticket System / Save Time & Improve Customer Service
    1. Generate the helpdesk form
    2. Install the wordpress plugin
  5. Success Habits
    1. The most powerful software in the world is worthless if not used. Tips for maximizing results, your Return On Investment, and making success a habit.
  6. Replace Paperwork Forms & Mail Merge Fields
    1. Generate documents in SwiftCloud to be filled
    2. Create a corresponding form