[editor’s note: See Post Top 10 Reasons why Online CRM is Better]

The benefits of using online CRM as opposed to fixed CRM software can be huge. Let’s look at some of the ways an online CRM system can help to increase sales and save you money at the same time.

Remote Access

Using online CRM allows you and your sales staff to access vital customer information remotely. This means that even if staff are out on the road and away from the office, they can access your systems and find new leads to work or access existing customers to contact.

This can save time and money and increase productivity as staff are no longer required to stop selling your business’s products and services in order to return to the office to get more information.

Secure Information

When you purchase in-house software, you will need to host it on a central computer system. Your staff will need to have their computers or notebooks networked to this system to access any information. When they’re away from the office, their access levels are zero.

Another downside to static software is that if your computer crashes, you risk losing any vital customer information that hasn’t been backed-up.

You don’t have any of these issues with online CRM. The information you and your staff need is available from anywhere using an internet connection. If you know you’ll be away from the office, then you’ll still be able to access all the data you need.

Sale Management

Understanding and tracking the success rate of marketing campaigns is vital. Advertising isn’t cheap, so you’ll want to know what kind of results you’re getting each time you spread your business’s message out into the public.

Online CRM software can help you to monitor, track and report on all the various results you achieve with each marketing campaign you send out.

You can also use your software to pre-qualify leads, follow up on inquiries and send out promotional offers to existing customers.

Customer Preferences

Learning your customer preferences goes far beyond just knowing what they wanted to buy. It should also include some of the products and services they’d potentially be interested in buying in the future.

Inputting data about your customer’s preferences into an online CRM system can help you to identify any product gaps you have in your existing ranges. It can also help you when it comes to choosing the right new or supplementary product lines to add to your business to increase profits.