If you’ve never read “The 4 Hour Workweek”, you should absolutely pick up a copy. Even if you have zero intention of working a 4 hour workweek, it espouses the ideals we hold true: automate liberally, reduce bottlenecks of cashflow and time, and live a life worth living.

Along these lines, ask yourself: Are you working for A good life, or THE good life?

Personally, I think the phrase “the good life” is more about material possessions, while “a good life” is more about choices and states of being. Heck, I want ’em both. And automation can help you do that!

So, with that said, here are some of the resources mentioned initially in that book and then added to from our own rolodex:

  • SwiftCRM, specifically, the automation features.
  • Gendesic’s automated website systems… this is more results with less work. Also, we liberally use WordPress – this blog is on the wordpress platform – as for certain sites it’s the superior choice, as measured by less work, more results.
  • Outsourced online services that save you time:
    • Kunaki – they’ll burn, label & mail CDs or DVDs for you.
    • SendOutCards – they’ll print, stamp, and mail a card for you.
    • Postful.com – same, but only different as my 7-year-old says. Better for reports.
  • RentaCoder.com – great for finding cheap foreign labor. The trick here is start with a small non-essential task to test out the programmer / talent before you throw them into “open heart surgery”.