How to Podcast

Want the Quick Version? Follow this Step-by-Step Path and you can be done in minutes:

  1. Enable the plugin “Podcasting Plugin by TSG” AND the plugin “complete RSS”. The complete RSS fixes some little problems with WordPress’ RSS formatting, FYI.
  2. Be sure your “permalinks” are set to /%postname% . This will make your URLs shorter and simpler. Go to Settings >> Permalinks, click “custom”, and remove any extra defaults. Note: If one of our Swift consultants built your site, this is probably already done for you, but ensure it’s set to custom and /%postname%. This makes your URLs like instead of
  3. Go to Settings >> Podcasting and just fill things out as best you can. Don’t overthink it, you won’t really break anything, it’s just labels for the most part here.
  4. Important! You MUST have a Post-Category called “podcast”. Just that. No more, no less, all lower case. Go to Posts >> Categories and add it.
  5. Go to Media and upload a video. It has to be one of these formats, no exceptions: mp3 (audio), m4a (audio), m4v (video), mp4 (video), or .mov (quicktime video). Once uploaded, copy the URL that it gives you to the actual video or audio file.
  6. Create a Post (not page), and be sure the “podcast” category is checked on the right.  Scroll toward the bottom of the page and in the “podcasting” section, you’ll see in the “file” section paste the complete URL of the video you just uploaded.
  7. Next, make note of your feed, which will be at
  8. In the copy / text of your website, prompt your users to subscribe to your podcast. Browsers will see it automatically (it’s the same as an RSS feed). Drop in some text like “Get Our Free Video Podcast! Add to your smartphone or iTunes” and link it to your feed.
  9. Next, follow the steps below to submit it to iTunes, which will just re-broadcast your feed to the world (it doesn’t really change your feed, but a lot of people search for podcasts on iTunes).

More Podcasting Details:

Podcasting is like blogging: You simply tell the world (and/or Apple’s servers) that you’ll be posting / publishing a stream of files (audio and video for podcasting, text for RSS / blogging) at a given location and that they should keep an eye open for it.

People then subscribe to your podcast / blog (also known as an “RSS Feed”), telling it “hey let me know anytime there’s a new video / audio / blog-entry-article” – then pull it down to their device (often an iPhone, reader, etc.)

First, the basics: see this video

Second, we have several plugins pre-installed (but you need to activate; login to your website admin then go to Plugins, just click “activate”), specifically

Additional information: