Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
SwiftPPC offers full-service search engine marketing management driven by the simple premise of driving positive ROI. Using a proprietary process that effectively manages a client’s full portfolio of keywords, SwiftPPC closely manages each and every keyword, ad group and campaign to optimize and deliver positive results. Our proprietary search engine marketing management process for our clients includes:
• Customer Path Analysis
• Purchase Process Analysis
• Competitive Research & Analysis
• Keyword & Negative Keyword Discovery & Selection
• Campaign & Ad Group Setup
• Campaign & Ad Group Setup based on unique client attributes
• Landing-Page Design, Testing & Optimization
• Proprietary Conversion Tracking Process
• Pay Per Click Keyword Bid Management

Our Pay Per Click Management Solution was created to provide businesses with a professional and clear-cut SEM management approach to the complexities of search engine advertising. Paying close attention to detail, the Pros take the ambiguity out of search engine marketing by educating the business owners and staff about different aspects and factors affecting the account’s overall performance. Most PPC advertising companies claim to do Bing management and Yahoo management but barely penetrate the skin with even Adwords management. The Keyword Search Pros uphold their reputation by acting as an authority and giving your the results you have always been paying for.
Companies that self manage their own search marketing know how intricate each keyphrase selection can be in reference to quality, specificity, exposure time, positioning, location, and pricing. The critical difference between success and failure usually resides somewhere within these realms. Keyword Search Pros offer a hands-on approach to each campaign as it requires understanding of a buyer’s psychology that is used to help determine how ad campaigns are set up.
Once the search campaign is set up, the Pros utilize integrated technologies to provide day to day management of each account paying particular attention to budget spending and ROI. From here, complete stats are generated and recommendations are made to plan the next stage of the campaign. It is very crucial when market variables change rapidly, that they are compensated for immediately. Most self-managed search advertisers do not visit their account settings consistently enough to catch these frequent events. Therefor, a PPC management company can make sure the dollars are spent effectively; leaving advertisers to spend time doing what they do best.
Everyday, millions of dollars are left on the table for search engine’s to pocket. Half the reason is due to insufficient setup processes and the other half is lack of daily management. By allowing the Keyword Search Pros to maximize your PPC Management campaign in every aspect, you can be assured you have saved yourself countless marketing dollars. Learn More from a Pro! >>