Currently, Swift Marketing contains the following Products:

  • RAVE Reviews & Customer Advocate Marketing– A “Net Advocacy Score” tracking system, referrals tracking system, as well as Referrals & Reviews Maximizer to engage happy clients to become raving fans who refer you and share online. This powerful system will also help firewall and protect your online reputation – while providing you a single actionable score for internal customer happiness and tracking promoters – customers willing to promote you and buy from you again. The Customer Advocate & Viral Engagement (“CAVE”) system includes a WordPress plugin plus online hosted systems for a complete solution.
  • Influencer Marketing & Press Relations Engagement Software System (“IMPRESS“) – Yet another acronym born of necessity, because the line between influencers (i.e. online bloggers, youtube stars) and conventional press (TV, radio, news outlets) has blurred and merged. Instantly adds a Press Kit & Press Room for conventional media and bloggers alike, while providing tools to help track press & influencer “earned media” opportunities to get your story out, or attach yourself and piggyback onto existing larger stories.
  • MagnetMarketing Automation Suite to guide customers back to your offers and benefits. Much more than just an autoresponder, this is a sophisticated, human-centric customer journey guide, gently nudging clients and customers with the next relevant step on a variable-schedule, multi-media (email, SMS, phone call, postal mail), tag-based system fully integrated into SwiftCloud (including not just the marketing suite, but also the CRM, invoicing & accounting, project management & more). At any time, curate an audience based on tags, then send or schedule email broadcasts or SMS broadcasts.
  • Video Marketing – add Call-To-Action (“CTA”) buttons on top of any youtube video with a variety of embed options, and optionally require registration (lead-capture) in order to proceed and watch the full video, turning any video into a complete sales-funnel intake system. In beta are tools for live broadcast (webinars, hangouts) or pre-recorded hybrid webinars with auto-scheduling.
  • Event Marketing – A complete system to leverage e-events i.e. webinars, video on demand, parties and other live events (i.e. trade shows) along with a virtual secretary to automate your calendar and appointment reminders. In beta: self-scheduling for one-to-one (consultation, dental appointment style, or asset rental i.e. conference room scheduling) or one-to-many (classes, parties).
  • Inbound Marketing – Audience and content editorial system leveraging WordPress, the world’s most popular – and powerful – blogging system. Based on the popular “hub & spoke model”, you’ll identify your audience, add lead-bait or “tripwire offers”, then feed traffic lines to it to create a sticky sales funnel.
  • Bloodhound – Ad Campaign Tracking, Sales Rep Tracking, and MLM Rep tracking with dynamic call tracking for complete cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale tracking. Works with all other plugins to provide clear insights into profitable campaigns and which ones need revision.

To get started, click any product above – you can add / upgrade / downgrade / revise your account at any time, and all products carry a 90 day zero-hassle 100% guarantee.