How to Create a Public Large Files Upload Box

Note: This method works and is simple. We are working on more sophisticated options using both dropbox and Google Docs, but so far, this is the best and only method, which is creating a direct URL to a public-enabled Google Docs folder.

  1. Login to Google Docs (Free; just go to and login using your gmail address; if you don’t have gmail you’ll need to set one up (free)).
  2. Create a folder called “_Public_Incoming” just like that, with underscores.
  3. Click Share – like this…
  4. In the popup, copy (control-C) your unique URL – you’ll add that to your page and hyperlink it. Then click “Change” like so…
  5. Click “Anyone with the Link” and be sure to allow anyone to edit. Don’t worry, they can ONLY see this folder that you’ve created (which, at the moment, probably contains nothing).
  6. Last, add a link to your page and/or navigation as usual. You should probably prompt users/uploaders to click the + sign in the top left. If you want to add a link for “Deliverables Upload” for example, you’d go to Appearance >> Menus >> Custom Links, paste in the URL, then click “Add”, drag it to where you want in the menu, and click “Open in new window”, since it’s an external site (this will leave your site open in the background, generally best practices with all external links).
  7. Test it.


Here’s ours – FYI – for demo purposes.

To Upload, Click the + in the top left. 

We may in the future update this to create widgets and/or use 3rd party plugins for cloud storage systems like Google Docs, Amazon AS3, and Dropbox, but for the moment, this is simple, reliable, free, and it works. Other systems, as of this writing, have not yet proven reliable so use this – until we update this page.