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For real estate agents and brokers, we present a 100% done-for-you set of 20 videos.

10 Listings + 10 Homebuyers

Done-For-You Videos

BONUS: FSBO & Expireds offer below

For less than the cost of hiring a virtual assistant in India you can get a 100% done-for-you set of powerful autoresponders, branded to you.

This kit includes systems for Listings / Sellers and a separate list for Homebuyers.

These are carefully timed to generate maximum results. With real estate, it’s often about timing – and anyone who has been in the industry a while has surely felt the pain of missing a listing because of a referral made last week, or worse yet, someone you casually knew but didn’t keep in touch with. All messages refer to you with your name, your brokerage, license number, phone number, and website, and even have google analytics click tracking pre-embedded for you to check results.

In real estate, timing is everything.

If you get busy and drop a lead who doesn’t seem hot, this one thing – automatic followup – could be the one thing you need to double your income.

What’s left for you to do? Just make sure everyone you ever meet gets on this list – which is easy, and can be done via 3 ways with a 4th method coming soon. How? Easy – options are any and all of:

  1. Web form. We have a small form, with graphics, that you can embed on your website, any site, including wordpress. WordPress installation is included as a free bonus, and if you have some other system, you just need to copy and paste a bit of HTML code in your control panel and you’re done, or give it to your favorite techie to handle.
  2. Manual input into – just add the contact into the easy control panel
  3. CSV Input coming May 2014 – contact us for beta testing access. Use this if you have a large list.
  4. Email forwarding parser coming June 2014 – just forward any email to [email protected] and our powerful system will auto-detect any emails and phone numbers to help you easily create a new contact. Note we’ll link this to your account based on the sender / from field, so you need to associate any email boxes with SwiftCloud for this to work.

Why the videos? They’re more fun.

They also get people’s attention in a busy world.

Every agent and broker knows they should be following up, but who has the time? Top agents have virtual assistants for this sort of thing, but that still costs money, time, and attention. The last thing you probably need right now is another project – this kit could be up and running in 48 hours, and you won’t need to touch it.

That said, if you think of your own things you want to add, go ahead – edit the sequence as you see fit. You can add messages in, change the content, whatever you like.

Listings Autoresponder Series:

  1. Not seeing your home as a buyer
  2. Choose an agent on skill
  3. Short sale if needed
  4. Price to sell / don’t overprice
  5. Make repairs if needed
  6. Enter the market strong
  7. Get a net sheet
  8. Not disclosing
  9. Presentation Counts
  10. Promotion Counts

Homebuyers Autoresponder Series:

  1. Welcome – how to buy a home, general steps
  2. Expect some closing costs
  3. Improve DR / DTI by paying off cars, etc.
  4. Credit scores can be repaired if needed
  5. Mistake 1: Choosing agent on nepotism or emotion vs logic
  6. Tip 1: Agents are free (paid by sellers)
  7. Tip 2: Start with the $ – Get Pre-Approved
  8. Tip 3: Value homes like a scientist
  9. Tip 4: Focus on Layout, Location, Lot size
  10. Tip 5: Inspectors protect you
  11. Tip 6: Skilled agents make it look easy
  12. Tip 7: Separates Needs from Wants
  13. Tip 8: Plan for resale
  14. Tip 9: Don’t wait for perfect
  15. Tip 10:  Setup MLS Alerts
  16. Mistake 2: Making an offer without your own agent
  17. Mistake 3: Lacking vision
  18. Mistake 4: Weak offer when you really love it
  19. Mistake 5: Getting emotional during closing
  20. Mistake 6: Pre-Qual isn’t the same as Pre-Approved


BONUS: Swift Radar Craigslist & RSS Leads Generator full access for 1 year

What’s this Bonus? We are hard at work on SwiftCloud and a marketing suite.

2 Applications helpful for Agents and Brokers include:

SwiftCloud Radar – monitor the web automatically to generate leads. Example uses for Agents and Brokers include monitoring a local newspaper’s RSS feed for the phrase “moving sale”, monitoring Craigslist for “FSBO” or “For Sale By Owner”, monitoring the twitter feeds of people you know or people near you for the phrase “moving”, monitor competitors for changes to their websites and/or blog posts… Swift Radar can be a dashboard for whatever you care about most.

You can also use it for Keller Williams 8 by 8 followup or 33 touch campaigns alongside our 20-message sequences above.

Real Estate Video Autoresponders 1

Questions you might have:

How many people can I put into this system?

This is not a spamming tool. It is designed for people who know like and trust you, and have given their permission for you to message them. Every message is CAN-SPAM compliant, with relevant contact, your physical mailing address (required by law), and opt-out links. That said, if you have a list of several thousand people that’s fine; anything more and you need either a multi-agent account with branding for each individual agent, or we need to scrutinize your source data and randomly verify opt-ins. For agents and brokers using it to follow up with prospects, we hope you use it liberally and generate dozens or hundreds of transactions with it. After the first year, we may modify pricing for over 5,000 contacts but it will be market competitive – at this stage, our primary interest is making money with the tools.

Can I use this with some other autoresponder company?

Yes, but you’ll have to manually copy and paste everything yourself. We, SwiftCloud / Swift Marketing are in the process of building the world’s most powerful leads incubation suite, and this is a way to ensure new SwiftCloud users get real value from the system. Full 100% setup is included with our own internal marketing system.

Can I install the web-forms on site X?

Most likely yes. Via, part of the SwiftCloud suite. As a courtesy, we will install these forms to any wordpress site with widgets (most themes support this) at no extra charge. For anyone else, you can just copy and paste the HTML which we’ll send you or you can generate yourself easily, a drag and drop form editor.

Still have questions? Just contact us and we’ll update this page.