real estate marketing

A good real estate contact management
software program will
increase your closed deals per year.

Why? It’s more than just storing contacts.

It’s about a few things – see below.

It really is that essential. If you’re not using one, you are absolutely leaving money on the table and losing marketshare to competitors who are. There are plenty of contact managers out there, including outlook, gmail, etc. – but comparing these to a full CRM (Client / Customer Relationship Manager) like SwiftCRM is like comparing a bicycle to a car. They can both get you across the country, albiet with a different experience. SwiftCRM was originally Lendermate, a mortgage-specific CRM which then expanded to handle real estate transactions and loan modification, so from day one it was built with the agent and broker in mind. SwiftCRM’s real estate contact management software can do the following for you, that a regular contact manager cannot:

  1. Database Marketing & Active Referral Generation: Keeping you in front of the right people at the right time. This is the cornerstone of database marketing, and anyone who has experienced the pain of “oh you do real estate? I wish I’d known, we just listed with {competing agent}…”. The trick here is to stretch your budget using email and social media to maintain presence of mind, but don’t rely on it 100% – and here’s where Swift Marketing and SwiftCRM combined can really shine. As tech-centric as we are, there’s no replacing a real phone conversation and the occasional handwritten note – in fact, the more high-tech our society becomes, the more special a handwritten note becomes. For more on this, see our powerful, 61 touch-point (based on Keller Wiliams “33 Touch” concept) done-for-you real estate marketing kit which combines automation with prompts for cards and calls. These can of course be combined with real estate autoresponders (see )
  2. Saving time per transaction so you spend more time selling. SwiftCRM is 100% integrated with SwiftTasks, which is built from the ground up with real estate transaction management in mind. Chances are high you keep using the same appraiser over an over again, and you probably have a short list of inspectors, handymen (or women), closing services, mortgage professionals… the list goes on. With SwiftTasks, you can build your project team in literally seconds, based on roles, request all the right paperwork practically on autopilot,  which brings us to…
  3. Captive audience marketing. When you have an open transaction, everyone will read everything you send. You are 72% more likely to get a referral *during* a transaction than after, due to the whole “out of sight, out of mind” problem.
  4. A single, synchronized address book. SwiftCloud can automatically sync to your iPhone or Android device [in beta testing as of July 23rd, 2014 and probably online by the time you read this]. Most agents currently have a hodge-podge mixed system of contacts on their phone, in gmail or some webmail program, a few in some other system, and still others in their MLS program. Disconnected systems mean disconnected marketing, which means contacts will fall off your marketing radar, which means….
  5. Contacts on the edge of your network lost to competitors. You have your die-hard fans, but what about friends of friends? That referral you got who also was referred to 2 other agents? That’s not a slam dunk for you – and they’ll make that decision based on timing, marketing, etc. – if you’re not marketing to your past clients, your competitors surely are.

SwiftCloud is powerful, and we have pricing starting from 100% free to learn how it can help you.