How to Go Paperless

Note: if you just want to get a single document signed, we have a tutorial for that here.

If you have a WordPress based website, we recommend seeing our WordPress e-signature setup instructions.

Still reading? Great! It means you want to get a document signed many times – a document template – but are not running WordPress.

That’s no problem – you’ll use SwiftCloud’s native document system, then return the users back to your website. This can also be pre-filled by other webforms, or integrated with various CRMs (besides our own Swift CRM, which is already integrated, of course).

Let’s set one up! First, create a document by logging into SwiftCloud and navigating to Home >> Files & Docs >> New Doc. Give your document a name and click save.

PART 1: Creating the e-signable doc in SwiftCloud

Next, you’ll probably want to copy and paste your document online. We’re working on a fancy uploader for Microsoft Word and other filetypes, but for now, copy and paste is your best bet.

Next, open the doc by clicking on it, and in the top left, you’ll see a blue cloud – that’s us. Click it.

Once open, you’ll have options to select various shortcodes. Our system will convert these shortcodes to forms and signature fields when the doc is viewed on the “front end” for signature. Click any of these to drop these codes into the document.

Once done, in the top right, be sure to click the permission settings to make this doc publicly accessible. Without this, only you can see this document – which wouldn’t make it e-signable by anyone except you.

PART 2: Integration

The easiest way is to simply link to your doc. In the top right privacy & publication settings you have a link – just copy and paste that into your system.

If you want to get more fancy, we’ve got options – you can pre-fill variables, or use our API (Application Programming Interface) to have your server talk to our server, prepare the doc, embed it into your website, and thus the entire transaction can take place on your server (paid packages only). To hook this up, have your resident geek – or you, if you’re tech-savvy – get in touch with support. Note the document should be ready before we get involved.