How to Replace Images:

A video will be added soon, but here’s the overview til we wrap that up:

First, there are are 3 major locations for images, and swapping them out requires editing them 3 different ways… all are pretty easy, you just need to know where to look. The 3 possible types of images to swap are:

  1. Post or Page Images (usually in the main body of one specific page).
    1. To edit, either click the image if one is already present and you’ll see options appear; you can also click the small rectangle just to the right of “Upload / Insert” while editing the page.
  2. Widget Images (usually in the sidebar or footer)
    1. To edit, go to Appearance >> Widgets, and mouse over the widget you wish to edit. You’ll see a little down-arrow appear; click to open it and you’ll see a few widgets. You can drag these, or click any to open.
  3. Theme Images (e.g. a background image, but could be anything related to site-wide changes). This includes a main-top slideshow system which may be site-wide, or might be on the home page only.
    1. Site-Wide Slideshow or “Flash Cub3r” or Accordion show: Go to SwiftCMS (bottom left) >> Header img/slider. If you don’t see it there, it’s possible it’s a “content widget” or you may see it on “Custom Home Page” by dropping down “content”.
    2. Homepage-Only Sideshow. Usually in SwiftCMS >> Custom Home Page >> Content Page.
    3. Everything else, including background image, theme styling, etc. – check first on SwiftCMS >> General Settings
To edit the images, we recommend:
  • – free & powerful and 99% chance will do anything you need it to. Did we mention it’s free?
  • Photoshop by Adobe, if you’re a serious designer this is hands-down the leader – though for clients, it’s often overkill, and if you just need some cropping, text, etc. just use pixlr above. For most clients, photoshop lite will work well.
  • GIMP – powerful and free, open-source. Add Gimpshop to make it look and feel more like photoshop if you’re so inclined.

As usual, if you have any questions, please use the support system at and we’ll update this entry.