Here’s a question from a SwiftCRM subscriber that I’ll answer online so as to help others:

How do we go in to retrieve names that we have called?

There are a few options here.

First, I’ll assume this is referring to prospects, which are usually imported aged leads or imported data. Assuming that is the case, you can filter by the call-attempt number like this:

This will make the most-called or least called records pop to the top.

You could also sort by status. On the prospects page, just click “attempt” a few times in the header row.

Note: There’s no CSV export on purpose at this time, as some company owners don’t want their employees to have the ability to export their entire list of leads presumably to avoid any temptation. We are working on a system to export all the non-responders, which is part of the “flush dead leads” task i.e. a system to flush out “not interested” etc. – however, this function will only be available to the account who imported the data, to again avoid any disgruntled employees from taking off with data.

Hopefully that answers your question, if not, please advise and I’ll revise this post or add more!