Tracking Offline Marketing

Reverse Mortgage Marketing

Jan 2017 Update: We recommend the following:

  • WordPress based Landing page system to test offers quickly and cheaply, based on traffic from….
  • Facebook. Why? You can target by age better than any other platform as well as highly specific locations. Want just people age 62+ in only north San Diego? Facebook can do that no problem – so you waste less money than any other platform.
  • AOL. Yep, people still use it. Guess who? We can create ad campaigns to run on AOL that feed to a landing page.
  • TV – it still works, and furthermore, when combined with a retargeting / remarketing campaign (advertising specifically to people who have already been on your website, following them around the web – so you look like a big company even with a small ad-spend), this still works well.

Older data below which may prove helpful for reverse mortgage marketing.

We can help grow your reverse mortgage marketing with…

  • Complete Websites – based on WordPress for high performance, low cost, easy to maintain sites with a web-based control panel you can update anytime
  • Reverse Mortgage CRM (configuration options in SwiftCRM to track potential deals, paperwork, client notes, emails, closing dates, etc.) (note: SwiftCRM started in 2009 as, a forward-mortgage specific CRM)
  • Reverse Mortgage TV commercials
  • Reverse Mortgage Videos
  • Ad Campaigns including PPC, display media, google, Bing, AOL, etc. // tip: Bing outperforms Google on an ROI basis for seniors because it’s usually less-savvy browsers who don’t know how to change the default search engine, frankly.
  • And more – we can track it all, show your ROI, setup tracking phone numbers and all that.


We can help you build your practice with overall strategy, or with specific reverse mortgage marketing assets, including:

  • Reverse Mortgage Marketing Websites
  • Reverse Mortgage Marketing Videos (below)
  • Reverse Mortgage Marketing Advertising (Facebook, Google, Bing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Reverse Mortgage Marketing Webinars (especially good for groups!)

2012 Jan Update: Note this has the client’s photo and local-style homes woven in (this example client is in Hawaii). This edit also was voiced by the client (add $300, we need to adjust the timing throughout the entire video)

Older Video

We have the following assets and services available to help you generate reverse mortgage leads and borrowers:

Pre-Made Licensable Reverse Mortgage Marketing Video. This powerful yet soft-sell video gently educates while pre-handling some of the most common objections. Add it to any website and/or landing page, optimize it for youtube and other video locations, drop into your facebook page, and more. Each video is rights-buyout, one time, branded with your name, phone, and URL. Also available are short leads creation videos that offer a free kit in order to produce leads. One-time investment of just $499 (with RogerV’s voice, or $699 with your voice – which makes you the expert! (requires a bit more editing work, hence the higher price, use a “Blue Snowball” mic from any local Best Buy, etc.) includes upload to your youtube channel, SEO-tagging, and custom render branded to you with a simple one-time-license buyout. Once we’re done, you’ll have a short snippet of code you use anywhere, multiple websites, autoresponders, add to your email signature, you name it. You can even burn it on DVD.

Needed from You to Create Your Video:

  • Phone # you want on the video
  • URL / Website
  • Company name you want to appear and company logo
  • Optional but recommended / free: YouTube login and password. We’ll upload into your account for you.
  • Optional: If you want a different picture on the cover of the DVD 3D graphic above, let us know (please choose one off unless you have legal rights). NOTE: the 3d cover above is just a graphic to increase perceived value. We can produce packaging for you if needed; the template is free (well, included with sale, technically), but changes are $100/hour i.e. if we need to revise – but we’ll include the photoshop source if you have an in-house design team or know photoshop.
  • Includes all rights for life except right to resell. Upload to any sites (youtube, facebook, etc.), embed into unlimited websites, burn DVDs – even run it on TV as part of an infomercial.
  • Investment: $499 one-time lifetime buyout, $599 if in your voice (requires more editing) (any major credit card or by check).

Reverse Mortgage Website Design – Act now to get discounted pricing, since we don’t yet have any examples to show, despite having built over 100 websites (including forward mortgages)[editor’s note: CEO Roger was a mortgage lender from 2001-2006 and somewhat trained in reverse mortgages]. We can help you dominate your local market, add SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click advertising on Google and Facebook). We can of course set up forms and applications, landing pages, etc.

  • Reverse Mortgage Marketing Facebook Fan Page Creation. Facebook is especially powerful for reverse mortgage marketing because it allows exact targeting by age – show your ads to only people 62+ in zip codes or states (or even city metro areas) you choose.
  • PPC Setup. Swift Marketing has Google-certified expert staff to help you generate your own leads using Google Adwords, which is the top and right-side of Google’s main page for various related search terms.
  • Reverse Mortgage Marketing Banners & Display Media Creation. This is especially powerful when used with PPC and “remarketing”. We can help you add a tracking cookie to your website then surround your leads as they travel the web, seeing your ad, which can help bring them back and push them over the edge to start the process.

Free Reverse Mortgage Marketing Tips:

  1. Use Facebook for reverse mortgage marketing because it allows targeting by age. Never before has it been quite so immediate and easy to profile by both age and location.
  2. This is old, but still tried and true – based on title / abstract data pull a list and use direct mail based on time-of-ownership and low LTV or no loan / free & clear title to send direct mail. In the end this may be more expensive than facebook, but is more reliable and reaches a different audience. Invite recipients to a Webinar on “How a Reverse Mortgage Can Increase Your Total Portfolio ROI” for higher-value areas, or “How a Reverse Mortgage Stops House Payments” for lower value areas.
  3. Internet usage by seniors who have already retired is statistically higher than those immediately preceding retirement – so bet on the race, not a single horse… meaning to maximize revenue and leads production, you can choose more than one marketing avenue and done right, each amplifies the other by raising awareness and brand recognition.

Note: Future edits (yours?) will contain more synchronized text on screen to increase retention.

Bonuses: Image to fake a video-embed into email. You cannot technically embed video into email, because the player (email-client i.e. outlook, iphone, etc.) won’t play it (yet, as of Nov 2012) (except gmail, and probably other web-based tools like and Yahoo mail). Easy solution: Drop this image below into your message, linked to an instant-play embedded version (ideally, your landing page).