Businesses that use sales software to manage sales pipelines and customer inquiries are able to close more sales and increase overall profitability.

Imagine being able to increase your sales staff’s productivity, enabling them to spend more time selling to potential new clients and less time generating leads. More time spent on sales should naturally mean higher conversion rates as your sales staff are doing what they do best.

Most contact management software offers you a way to stay in contact with past customers, but sales software offers this component plus much more as well.

Sales software can allow you to automate your inventory control and allow you to analyze your sales figures so you can create sales forecasts.

By collecting and collating certain information about your customers, you’re also able to group them into certain classifications. You might decide to have some grouped together into an ‘inquiry only’ section, others into a ‘ready to buy’ group and others still into a ‘already bought’ group.

At the end of the working day, run a report to show you all customers who are ready to buy now and get your sales staff to do their magic to close the sale.

Most business owners would stop their reports here, pleased with the increased productivity from their staff. However, run a separate report within your sales software to show you all the ‘inquiry only’ people who haven’t become customers yet.

These are people who are interested in your products or services, but can’t make a decision. You have a unique opportunity to aim a very different marketing pitch to these people to help encourage them to consider alternative products or perhaps even a special pricing offer to convert them from inquiries into paying customers.

While you’re running reports, generate a new report from your sales software of customers who have already purchased from you. You now have a list of people who are already familiar with your business’s products, so why not put together a special deal on related products that might also interest them? They could end up buying something else from you, which is an instant increase in sales.

As well as having plenty of ways to generate new sales and analyze your sales forecasting figures, sales software can help you to identify any staff who might be underperforming in one area. Rather than discipline them or get them working on areas they don’t enjoy, use your sales software to show you how to get your staff working more productively on those things they excel in.

You might be able to recognize that a staff member is great at generating leads but not so good at closing the deal. You may also notice that another staff member can close any deal presented to them, but they struggle to generate new leads.

Understanding how to build your business’s success by allowing your sales staff to work in those areas where their own particular strengths lie could be a key factor in increasing your business’s profits.

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