Web Forms Security

In order to reduce spam and enhance security, we have just added a powerful and easy new feature to SwiftCloud’s Website Forms Generator.

It is “domain-based authentication”.

This will reduce spam and improve the security of your and our systems.

It’s easy! This ensures that only your domain can fill out your web forms, which will greatly reduce any spam, since one method bots use is to sidestep the website itself and go right for the form.

In the bottom right “Advanced Options” simply check the box for URL validation, and enter your website (URL only, no http:// or www required, not caps sensitive), like this

Website Forms Generator URL validation

Hopefully this helps you keep your account and inbox clean!

Note: This won’t prevent 100% of spam – sometimes actual humans are filling this stuff out, so it’s tough to get to 100% – but this is one more step in reducing spam.

To apply this or create a form, simply log in and visit http://swiftcloud.io/form/create-form