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Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) Services

First, we need to lay some ground work here:

  1. SEO used to be sold by shady operators as some “magic dust” you’d sprinkle on  your website and it would magically rise to the top. This is patently untrue. Search engine optimization is like flour to a cake – you need to “bake it in”, not just sprinkle it on top.
  2. SEO is like building a house from scratch. It’s more expensive in the short term, but cheaper in the long run, and the quality of traffic is often better – like when you read a magazine and you read an article about a product, vs. just seeing a paid advertisement for it.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Resources

  • How to get to #1 in Google Yourself (more work, but you, or someone on your internal team who knows your business well should do this part). Note: Video #3 on this page is basically junk now, since Google’s “Panda” release in 2011, but videos #1 and #2 are still 100% relevant and work.
  • SEO Off Site – see this package here. This should be outsourced (to us!) as it’s highly technical, easy to outsource, and best done using complex software that semi-automates the process.
  • How to Buy Pre-Ranked Domains… Use and – this tool.

July 2012 Update:
SEO straight from Google – the basics:

Note: This is great info, however, for a competitive market, won’t be enough. (1.) Google doesn’t really like SEO too much, because they’d much rather sell you adwords traffic (pay-per-click PPC) than help you rank organically (free, doesn’t make them money), and (2) If you have no competition, great, you’ll rank just using the above no problem – but assuming there are multiple competitors to you all gunning for the same space, who will win? The one with the best search optimization – which, depending on one’s industry, will be too complex to stumble to the top. That said, it’s a great start, and free.