A video will soon be added, but here’s the simplest, shortest, layman-friendly overview of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO:

  1. You need to have some great content on the web, of value to real-world humans. This can be video, text, pictures, etc., but the bottom line is share your passion and expertise.
  2. The world (other websites, blogs, social profiles, forums, etc.) needs to link to this content to tell Google, Yahoo, Bing, & YouTube that it’s important.

Our goal is to train you to drive the car, not to build the car.

This means setting up the website and systems so you can easily share your expertise. Other portions, i.e. setting up the car (syndication systems etc.) are best left to experts unless you really have time to burn. What “learning to drive” means is knowing how to add and edit your website and blog, how to send mass emails to your newsletter subscribers, and how to add video using facebook. Combined, this will help you share with the world the benefits of your product or service.

Marketing online is a hub-and-spoke system. Your website is the hub, the spokes are how people find it.