More Info & Details:

What’s included in the “SEO Power Essentials”?
Tons of automated best practices, that on their own would cost hundreds a month, but because of our automated systems + assembly-line-style human practices, we include it as standard. Just some (but not all!) of the SEO “magic” includes RSS auto-drip, wide ping optimization, intra-network cross-linking, use of link wheels and link pyramids, network cross-linking (including .edu and .gov sites, when relevant and not against terms of service). Also included (with increasing amounts based on package) is our Articles Network, “My Article Submitter”, “Traffic Kahuna”, “Unique Article Wizard”, “SEO Link Vine”, “Article Ranks”, “Article Crooner”, “Submit Your Article”, forum links (within Terms of Service), Wikipedia referencing, Social Media Links (including Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon,,, and more, within their Terms of Service). Note some standard features require having a site on SwiftCMS / SwiftWebDesigner servers, as it requires functionality built into our platform (and we can mirror over your site if needed quickly, just ask for details).

Is there a guarantee of ranking?
We’ll guarantee your rankings increase, and can give you reasonable estimates, however, strictly speaking it would be unethical for any company to guarantee a specific ranking because (1.) Google, Yahoo, & Bing are private companies; they can change the “recipe” of who appears on top at any time (and they do, a few times a year, every year, along with small steady changes), (2.) To get you to the top, we have to “kick someone else off”, and we don’t know how hard they’ll “kick back” i.e. increase their own SEO to compensate, (3.) keywords vary widely in competition, so if you want, say just the phrase “Debt Settlement” it’ll be very, very, very tough to get you to #1 for that key-phrase, while other keyphrases are niche specific, local, and have fewer searches-per-month (aka “Search Volume”) i.e. “Long Beach Real Estate Broker” and would be comparatively easy to get to #1. We will research actual keywords during setup and make recommendations of phrases to focus on, but you’re the boss – you get final decision, but also final responsibility. We’ll advise what we’d do if we ran your company and give you approximate timelines and estimates of odds of getting to positions 1-3.

Is there a contract required?
No, but we recommend at least 6 months for Search Engine Optimization campaigns to take full effect, though we sometimes see results in a matter of days for some keyphrases based on your current site SEO and the competitiveness of a given phrase. If your site is brand new, home based, or really a mess (from an SEO perspective), then our initial work should see fast results, while if you’re already at PR4 (PageRank, like a thermometer reading of your “SEO Health”) and well optimized, we are after diminishing returns and “shaving seconds off your sprint time”, which can make a big difference in rankings but is more difficult to achieve, depending on competition in your industry and geographic area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Microformats?
You sometimes see on Google’s results “XYZ company is rated 5 stars *****” for example – i.e. with 5 little stars; this is via a system called “microformats”, which is meta-data layed on to the site.

How long will it take to get to position #1?
That totally varies by the exact search-phrase. It could be literally in a matter of hours (it’s happened before – our fastest result was in about 3 hours), or could be months, or could be never IF you override our recommendation and choose a search-phrase that’s too competitive to start with. Generally, we recommend starting lower, getting some money flowing and results, then re-invest and over time, build you up toward the more difficult phrases. We monitor results carefully including graphing, and once we’re confident we can hold your position and move up the chain to a more difficult phrase, we’ll make a recommendation for you to approve then begin working on it. Note that a more niche-phrase will actually help you get a more difficult phrase, so it’s a bit like climbing Mount Everest – let’s get you to “base camp” before making the final ascent.

What’s a Link Wheel? What’s a Link Pyramid?
A sequence of sites that link to each other, each with periodic “spokes” that link back to your “money site” i.e. main domain. Google crawls these wheels quickly and effectively thinks your site is more important because it has a lot of links back to it. A link pyramid is the same idea, but with multiple link-wheels back to, say, an intermediary social-media-site-page with links to your “main money site”, which then, increases the relative value of that intermediary-page, which is then passed on to your main money site. Off-site SEO can get very, very technical, tedious, and complicated, but with our packages, you need to only ensure you have a good site with good, useful information and ideally, one page specifically targeted at and created for each specific phrase for which you want to rank, so ideally, if you want to rank for 30 keyphrases, you should have 30 separate articles / pages, one per key-phrase. Note google will probably skip listing that specific page in many cases and just link your main site, but assuming these 30 phrases are all related, it helps frame the value and content of your site, and even if the page appears to be skipped, it helps your ranking.

Is this “White hat”? “Black hat”?
We follow “white hat” best practices and stay educated on the industry, following people like Matt Cutts (Google’s official web-spam supervisor) and others, sites like “SEOMoz”. Our belief is that for anyone who has a legitimate business, the temporary short-lived gains from “black hat” tactics aren’t worth the risk (i.e. getting banned from Google). That said, we’ll toe right up to the line and use every possible tactic to get results.