Thanks [swiftsign_capture_name]!

[swiftsign_capture_name], did you notice we just greeted you by name?

This is as easy as a shortcode, which looks like this:

Don’t get freaked out, but was also cookied you – meaning, future actions can get appended to your file, rather than creating a new one. We also captured some hidden variables such as how you found us. You should do the same!

Note this is marketing “best practices”, and you are in full control anytime.

This type of technology can help you…

  • Know how your visitors got to your page, so you know what advertising is working and what’s not
  • Get a sense for which sales leads or visitors are most important, most active, so that you can prioritize leads for your sales team to call
  • It may also be helpful to know small details like the user’s browser language setting, so you know if english is not their first language, or can reassign the lead to a spanish-speaking sales rep for example
  • In some industries it’s helpful to know whether the user was on a phone or desktop, or their browser screen resolution
  • Hidden variables are incredibly powerful for tracking sales reps, ad sources, affiliate referrals, advocate marketing referrals, viral marketing media, and more.

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