URL Control

This is how to control the URL of any page in SwiftCMS websites, sometimes referred to as the “slug”. Note: if you’re reading this and not on SwiftCMS but using a raw installation of WordPress, you’ll probably need to adjust your “permalinks” which requires editing .htaccess in most cases. SwiftCMS residents – we’ve already done this for you to make life easy – along with over 100 other little things you don’t even know about.

Anyway, it’s easy. You just need to know where to look – this graphic sums it up:

Note: in many cases the entire permalink will say:

Permalink: http://8005551111.SwiftWebDesigner.com/page-url-here

The blue section, 8005551111.SwiftWebDesigner.com will get replaced with YourDomain.com automatically. That 800 bit is just a unique identifier for where the files actually reside, but don’t worry – the world (and Google / Yahoo / Bing / etc.) will see only yourdomain.com for the first part.

Unhappy with the 2nd part (red above)? Just click edit. It’s that easy. You cannot edit the blue section (it’s yourdomain.com), but the red section you can – BUT don’t have spaces. Only underscore or dash (which Google / Yahoo / Bing count as a “space” for SEO purposes)

Remember to click “update” or “publish” as needed. You can edit a permalink anytime.