There’s a big problem with most of the small business CRM options out there: they rely heavily on human input.

This means more work, and it’s prone to failure and errors.

SwiftCRM is different.

We believe in automation – software that actually does the work for you whenever possible.

Every small business is generally stretched thin – there’s usually too much to do, people are wearing too many hats, and there’s not enough hours in the day.

This is why a lot of small businesses either don’t even use a CRM – but there’s a solution: Automation, and message “piping” of both phone calls and emails.

The original promise of CRM – Customer / Client Relationship Management, and by extension, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning, a natural byproduct of CRM data i.e. revenue projection, staff performance) has been marginal with v1 Legacy big-brand CRMs.

The good news: Slow adopters may benefit, but not by choosing a known big brand, but by looking at successive technologies. Facebook wasn’t first (Friendster – remember them?), nor was Ebay, nor was Amazon, nor was Google. All of these were upstarts who learned from the mistakes of the first wave.

You can too.

SwiftCRM now contains full email threading and piping, within a single opportunity page, so you don’t ever need to copy and paste. You can still comment the deal for in-house / private use, or email (including using templates). Phone calls can be recorded, and appear in the timeline [in beta as of July 2015, but in full release Aug 2015].

Small Business CRM

Related to this is disposition-aware user interface customization. We are just beginning this, but it’s incredibly powerful  – and the perfect intermediate step to the CRM taking the step for you, when the next action is clear.

What’s keeping us busy is emails and phone calls from within the CRM, zero copying and pasting required, and behind that, true sales automation. By configuring a sales flow based on a series of steps that are either met (proceed) or the lead is disqualified (set to incubate and try again), or lost (lead is dead, depending on industry), we believe the CRM should do the work *for you*. It shouldn’t require more work, it should do some of the work for you, working like a robotic sales agent.

For a quick consultation, just give us a call. We’re not a bull’s-eye fit for everyone, but for some, we are confident we are the bar-none best choice among the small business CRM options.

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