If you’re looking for small business software, what you’re really probably looking for is a suite of the following functions:

  • Contact Management – to quickly and easily store and look up information about your clients and their sales / projects / needs / case
  • Basic accounting to easily see incoming and outgoing money, invoice clients or create purchase orders or directly run their credit cards
  • Fulfillment management for some businesses, to manage on-going cases, files, projects, sales installations or fulfillment
  • Automation… so you can work smarter

Fortunately, that’s exactly the small business software we’ve built. That said, consider a few tips:

Online hosted CRM is far superior in terms of management, because everything is always backed up, runs on any computer including smart phones, is accessible from multiple locations without having to set up networking, and allows you to more easily scale up / scale down as cash flow and business permits. Old-school boxed small business software sometimes looks initially cheaper because you buy it one time, but when you include the hassles of dealing with importing and exporting, upgrade costs each time a major upgrade comes out, the IT issues, the fact that boxed software usually runs on one machine and is subject to virus, spyware, hardware failure, etc. and then if not backed up, the essential data may be totally lost. Furthermore hosted small business software, because it resides on a secure internet-based server, can work for you, 24/7, doing automated tasks triggered by calendar, fulfillments or projects, tasks or tickets, etc. Some of the tasks our small business software can do for you, 100% hands-free, as part of the automation suite includes sending emails, text messages, stamped real physical postcards or letters (for example, invoices, or reminders to come in for service). With hosted small business software like SwiftCRM, you always have the latest version and never have to  re-learn new software, or deal with upgrade hassles or expenses.

Last, the #1 most important function small business software should provide is to help you bring in more business. When you have plenty of business, plenty of cash makes it easy to wash away a lot of little problems, but without the sales, everything else really feels like a chore and a financial pinch. The best small business software should help you create more leads, manage prospects, increase repeat and referral business, and overall, increase sales ratios. In any sales-based enterprise, there are exactly four ways to make more money, which are:

  1. Get more leads. This usually means marketing and advertising. Our small business software can easily track every penny you spend and hold it accountable for results, so you’ll never waste another dime hoping it works out. Obviously we can’t guarantee every marketing project is a success, but most importantly, you’ll know quickly what’s working and what’s not. Most small business software doesn’t make this easy, and as a result, most small business owners have a “gut feel” on what’s working, but no exact numbers on their cost-per-closed-deal or cost-per-lead. Our small business software will show you where to double down, and what advertising needs to be cut off as it’s losing you money.
  2. Convert a higher percentage of those leads. The easiest way to do this is automated followup. If you’re tracking leads mentally, it’s easy if you only are chasing four deals right now… but if you’re chasing 400 deals, you absolutely need small business software that will track all the moving parts, ensure each one is followed up on (most of the time, in a 100% hands-free way!), and help you prioritize.
  3. Earn more per deal / client / store-visit. The success metric here might vary slightly depending on your exact business, but the end result doesn’t: focus on higher profit products, and you’ll earn more money.
  4. Reduce outflow / expenses. Tracking provides awareness… awareness creates action…. action creates results. In many businesses, getting creative with reducing fixed expenses, or increasing overall use of existing fixed assets can double your profit with very little increase in overhead.

SwiftCRM provides small business software that can help you grow, along with a bit of consulting and coaching to help you get a high return on investment from it. For more information, have a conversation with your SwiftCRM consultant, or contact our team.