Social Media Integration is automatically built into SwiftCMS / and just needs to be configured. Also included are reviews sites (i.e. Yelp, Google).

First, let’s define what this will mean to you.

Simplest: Social Media Footer Icons:

Example: Bottom of this website. The round icons are automatically linked to various social profiles we have around the internet.

How to Edit: In your control panel, go to SwiftCMS >>  General Settings (2nd subtab) >> Footer Settings (bottom section) >> Social Icons Area – it will look something like this:


  1. Make sure “Area is Active” is set to Yes. Default is No.
  2. Area position, icons position, dotted borders is just personal preference – go ahead and play with it, you won’t break anything.
  3. Notice in the example above in “Social h1” I put the phone number; it’s simply a good place for it. The default may be “get connected”, but you can dish out some attitude like “hook it up”, show a phone like we did, even include a link to some page, or omit it altogether as you see fit.
  4. Icon style is just personal preference. If you need some other style we don’t yet have, contact us and we can probably accommodate.
  5. Email doesn’t need a “mailto” address – simply enter [email protected]
  6. For the options below that, an icon will show if there is anything other than blank, but what should be in each field is a link to your profile. This is where you drop in your facebook fan page URL (ours is, your twitter URL, etc.

Option 2: Same, but in the Header, not the Footer.

Set this up in the same way as above, but enable it in the header section of the same page – i.e. SwiftCMS >> General Settings >> Header Area Settings >> Header Right Side Area like so:

Option 3: Full Integration (Bi-Directional). More Powerful, More Complex

This is more complex, and should be handled one site / integration at a time. Most common are: (Click to see details)