Simple-to-Use HR Software with a Personal Touch

  • Get E-Singatures on any Doc
  • Integrated with SwiftCloud Software
  • Excellent Employee Experience
  • Useable on Most Devices
Executive Summary

Ready to streamline your human resources department? You can use our software to get e-signatures on any documents, whether from a new hire or from an existing employee who needs to update their info. This can save you time and money and help you stay organized by having access to all important documents on your dashboard. Our HR software is integrated with SwiftCloud so you can utilize all of our plans. Use our software on most devices, including smartphones and tablets.

1. Onboard New Hires

Keep organized throughout the entire hiring experience. Track your applicants, send them necessary e-docs when ready, and automate personal messages and tasks — all before day one!.

2. Easily Manage Employees

Keep track of time off requests, employee information, and other important information from your dashboard. Let employees manage customizable self-service portals.

3. Get Honest and Helpful Insight

Track the way employees are performing with automated reports and 360 degree feedback from colleagues and management.

Who Can Benefit from HR Software?

Put Your Focus Where it Matters — People Not Paperwork

Human Resources Software 1

Automate Your Workflow

By automating your workflow, you can make sure that to-do items are completed in a timely manner while still ensuring high-quality work. You can align flows to your internal processes, send notifications and reminders, and automatically trigger actions when a custom workflow is completed.

Human Resources Software 3

Help Your Business Maximize Employee Investment

Our SwiftCloud HR Software lets you respond to challenges from HR. With integrated feedback in the form of performance management and 360-degree feedback, an extensive employee database where you can view important information, and automated reminders and notifications, you can maximize the investment you’ve made in your employees.

Human Resources Software 5

Connect on a Personal Level with Your Employees

Happy employees are more likely to give their all to the business they’re working for. HR Software allows you to spend less time on paperwork and more time actually getting to know your employees. Help management reach out to their new hires so they can form a connection that can empower their work ethic and lead to higher retention.

What Can SwiftCloud HR Software Offer My Business?

Receive 360-Degree Feedback

“Improve engagement and build strong teams by letting colleagues evaluate each other and themselves honestly in order to improve weak areas and recognize top talent.

Easy Applicant Tracking

Ready to find the best talent? Keep your applicant information organized throughout the hiring phase.

Useful Employee Database

Keeping track of employee records is simple. Use standard categories like ‘payment info’ or add any custom data you need in one secure location.

Track and Grow Employee Performance

Employees and Managers can work together to set goals and create a constant stream of feedback, including automated reminders and notifications to keep everyone informed.

Customizable Self Service Portals

Let your employees manage their payroll and HR tasks through a fully customizable self-service portal.

Track Time Off

Coming Soon:Take the stress out of managing time off by easily configuring different plans. Manage requests for time off easily in one location.”

Human Resources Software 7

Guaranteed Value Investment

We aren't happy unless you're happy. Our software should give your company 100% ROI — in fact, we guarantee all service for 60 days with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

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