“Bloodhound” is our incredibly powerful tracking system that can help medium and large businesses grow profits, track with unprecedented clarity, and more.

Bloodhound Tracking System Features:

  • Cross-Domain Variables Tracking
    Track and hand off baton-style variables from the initial incoming traffic through to lead capture for asynchronous CRM-based offline conversion or multi-domain sales funnels such as for affiliate marketing or joint venture integration marketing systems.
  • Enforce Prerequisite Page
    One client had a fee agreement that required electronic signature prior to access of another loan application page. By using this system, the client could disallow anyone who hadn’t agreed to the fee structure.
  • Affiliate tracking with hierarchy
  • Sales Rep Tracking for even large teams (100,000+)
  • Advertising tracking
  • Localization
    creating a few “users” for a given location, you could use this to make it look like you’re a local company, i.e. for, say, real estate, have one website but 20x locations, and the user sees a local phone number, local address (optionally), even local photo (a house in Hawaii vs. house in Alaska looks different), while still having all one site for SEO purposes.
  • “Swipe Website” & Virtual “Franchises”
  • On-the-Fly Whitelabel Business-in-a-Box