Get Reviews Easily & Automatically

You already know you need to get reviews – positive ones. But how? Most happy customers just smile, say thanks, and go about their lives.

Over 93% of consumers say reviews influence purchasing decisions. The problem? Unhappy clients are 800% (8 times!) more likely to leave online reviews than happy customers – skewing your reputation negatively, if you don’t take active control to shape & optimize it.

Get Reviews Automatically

Increase Sales Revenue

Get Video Testimonials

Improve SEO Backlinks

Optimize Reputation

Gather Insight & Feedback

Automated Reviews & Reputation Management… 

SwiftCloud’s RAVE system to help you get reviews is based on 2 parts: WordPress (required) and SwiftCloud’s backend system. For SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reasons, it is important that reviews live on your domain, and then we help syndicate positive reviews around the web.

Positive reviews can be auto-published on your website, while negative reviews will open a trouble ticket for your management team to investigate and thus are not auto-published. At all times you have full control over what is published on your site or not. You can also manually submit reviews for any in-person customers who give you feedback verbally.

RAVE Review Management Setup is Easy…

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Turn Happy Customers Into More Happy Customers

When you get reviews, if the customer is happy, we’ll do all we can to help them spread the word online. This includes one-click review syndication on Google, Yelp, Facebook & other platforms, and depending on your settings, other industry-specific or custom platforms. Turn your customer successes into marketing assets, all in a SEO optimized and backlinked fashion. Happy customers automatically see options to refer friends, share on social media, add a video & optionally receive coupons for upsells or cross-sells. Video testimonials are incredibly powerful, and also carry an SEO boost as well.

Defend & Manage Your Business Reputation

To remove reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook & other platforms, you have to be the owner, legally, unless you can prove the improper use of trademarks or that the reviewer violated the terms of the hosting website. According to the 1996 Communications Decency Act (section 230), ISPs sites like even RipoffReport are immune to legal claims. Defamation, slander, & libel suits are difficult to win or even serve without definitive proof of writer identity - but there is another solution: “Flood” negative reviews off page 1, and firewall hundreds of positive reviews. If most of your clients are happy, your online reputation should reflect the truth.

Customer Ratings & Review Management Software

Another key goal of your customer experience software is honest feedback, tied to the location / agent / service / product purchased. Your new RAVE Reviews system can tag incoming reviews with multiple criteria such as location, product & more. By filtering your dashboard, you can see net totals about potential “promoters” or “advocates” and correlate that score to specifics, to see what’s working well and any potential areas that need retraining or policy changes. By automating your customer satisfaction surveys, you can more consistently delight customers - and most importantly, turn them into raving fans who serve as brand advocates.

More SwiftCloud Online Review Management Software Features…

Easy, Instant Electronic Signature On Any Device

SwiftCloud Electronic Signature is an easy way to make any document signable online over the web via mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. It’s legally binding, more secure than paper so your binding agreements are instant and easy.

Simple But Powerful

Since electronic signature is still fairly new, we believe it must be very, very simple to use - but still offer you the features you need like multi-party signatures, "envelopes" to pack multiple documents together, export and notifications and more.

Re-Usable Document Templates

Unlike some competitors that require you to drag and drop "sign here" stickers each time, SwiftCloud Electronic Signature allows you to save templates for instant re-use - even if just some of the data in it changes.

Workflow Implementation Your Way

Options for implementation include email or SMS requests to a URL, embedding into your website via iFrame, co-brand links to your website user flows, feed webforms into electronic signature docs - or get geeky and dive into our APIs to setup on your own site.

Seamless SwiftCloud Tools Integration

SwiftCloud Electronic Signature is part of the SwiftCloud ecosystem - so you’ve automatically got options for online payment & e-commerce or invoices, sales contracts into Swift CRM or other apps, centralized contact management and more.

Bank-Grade Security & Audit Trail Fingerprinting

256-bit SSLs, complete browser fingerprinting, time-date stamping, and GPS location tracking are just some of the enforcement mechanisms to ensure any challenge in unlikely event of disagreement is upheld in courts around the world.

Export PDFs, Images, CSV Spreadsheets & API flow.

All signed documents and envelopes are automatically saved to your account - and can be exported to your system automatically, emailed to you or others, trigger automation such as marketing, sales, accounting, or task management to deliver you real-world results.

Action Based, Human-First Design

We believe human habits are harder to change than software - so when possible, we make the software conform to you and your business. Customize labels, and always have crystal clear guidance as to the next step of any sale - then put systems on autopilot to grow revenues.

Device Friendly

Responsive design formatting for Mobile phones, tablets, desktops and even wall TVs. Cloud-based 24/7 access, automatic backups & always the newest version.

Pricing per month when paid annually.

Solopreneur Team Business Enterprise & API
$10/mo Start Now $20/mo Start Now $50/mo Start Now Contact Us
800.840.3928 Ext 1
Contact Us
PDFs attached to email for you and signer Solopreneur features, plus... Team features, plus Business features, plus...
100 signatures/mo 250 signatures/mo 500 signatures /mo Whatever You need make happen with Invoice / Purchase Order Payment Options
1 Template, unlimited signatures Envelope Bundles Dynamic Notification System for Sales Teams HIPAA, On-premise, API Integration options
Extended Audit trail plus legal support options Multi-party signatures Administrator Oversight & Controls Custom Domains
Phone & Tablet in-person mode Bulk signature request CRM Integration Options End to End Encryption Options
Email & Basic Automation Advanced Automation Branded experience logo, background customized Whatever you need, & we can probably make it happen.
Paypal payment options Advanced payment options Auto-Export to Google, Box, Dropbox Phone & on-premise support options
Phone callback Support Live phone support with support guarantees

SwiftCloud Electronic Signature is always free for the signor. Click here to compare the free package to business packages.
Education packages with mass signature request & tracking available for qualified schools.
Need some help with the above? We can help - contact us.
Custom software solutions & integrations available.

Guaranteed Value > Investment

Everything we do should be well above 100% ROI - in fact, we'll guarantee all service for 60 days with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

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5 Critical Evaluations for Customer Experience Management Software:

  1. Is there a neutral, legally disinterested 3rd party who an prove this electronic signature document was not changed? If you self-host electronic signature, could you prove, in court, that document was not changed? If you cannot prove in court the immutability of the document, enforcement could be called into question, and for that reason, self-hosted DIY solutions may be penny wise but pound foolish.
  2. Can you prove both Identity & Intent? An electronic signature is, like a traditional ink signature, a claim to both being a specified person and agreement to terms specified within the electronic signature document. Identity can be backed up with hidden-data audit trails, IP geolocation, browser “fingerprinting”, cell-phone geolocation, webcam photos, ID upload, 2-factor authentication, social sign-in, and even more, and so electronic signature is actually stronger and more difficult to forge than old-school 1980’s era ink signatures.
  3. Did the user consent to legally-required electronic signature disclosure & consent forms? It’s a small thing – but legally required. Not all self-hosted systems may have this.
  4. Do all signor(s) have access to the signed electronic signature doc? This is legally required for an enforceable contract.
  5. Can you automate data flow? One of the biggest reasons to use electronic signature is to automate marketing, stop having to type in paper forms or losing that data to time. It’s also to save time, to strike while the iron is hot, to lose fewer sales contracts to paper jams and printers out of ink. It’s to wow your customers, so before they show up for their appointment, all the paperwork is already handled, so you get them loving you that much faster.
Online Waivers
Activity Waivers with Photos
Liability Waiver PDF Form
Liability Waiver Form
Sample Waiver Form
Free Business Forms
Consulting Services Agreement
Promissory Note Secured
Private Loan Agreement
Website Development Agreement
Rental / Lease Agreement
Human Resources Forms
Nondisclosure Agreement ("NDA")
Employee Termination Letter
Employment Application Form
Letter of Resignation
Independent Contractor Agreement
Tax Forms for U.S.A.
1099 - MISC
I-9 Employment Eligibility
1040 EZ

Electronic Signature is also known as…

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