Mail Merge in SwiftCloud

To send a mail merge document, simply add any of the following shortcodes into your document.

  • %%FIRSTNAME_Firstcap%% // recipient’s first name, with the first letter capitalized and other letters lowercase. You can simply use %%FIRSTNAME%% if you don’t care to correct capitalization
  • %%LASTNAME%% // recipient’s last name, in this case, not capitalization corrected. If you want JONES and jones converted to “Jones”, use %%LASTNAME_Firstcap%%
  • %%STREET1%%
  • %%STREET2%%
  • %%CITY%%
  • %%STATE%%
  • %%ZIP%%
  • %%PHONE1%%
  • %%PHONE2%%

SwiftCloud will replace these strings on-the-fly, then generate one copy per recipient, with a page break at the end of each recipient if there are multiple.

The above is regarding: How to mail merge from SwiftCloud online documents, usually used with postal mail (“snail mail”) autoresponder marketing sequences to automate lead follow-up. You could also use this for sending invoices, marketing mail, client surveys and more.