Wordpress Plugins

We currently have the following WordPress Plugins available:

Public / Free:

  • Swift Signatatureelectronic signature – Beta
  • Inbound Marketing – Instantly add lead capture to any site including Exit-Intent Popups, Scroll-based Popups, Timed Overlay Popups, Call-to-Action Blog-Post Boxes, Lead tracking options, and more
  • Swift Helpdesk – ties to SwiftTasks / SwiftHelpdesk
  • Swift Calendar – Online Appointment Scheduling – Alpha; also generates Events custom Post type, which can auto-disappear as events occur (technically get moved to history not upcoming)
  • Influencer Marketing – some portions require a paid IMPRESS account; generates press releases, helps with influencer marketing, guest blogging, and more.
  • RAVE – Advocate Marketing – some functions require a paid RAVE account; helps with Reviews, Advocate & Viral Engagement.

Private / Paid / In Testing

If you are interested in testing any of the below, please reach out to us. These are working, but not yet in commercial release, or are upcoming commercial (paid) offerings.

  • Swift Shop e-Commerce (Will be free, but is still in beta)
  • WordPress Membership Management (Free + Paid)
  • Dynamic Affiliate Re-branding System (Paid only)
  • Ad Tracking System (Paid only)