Help Support

Helpdesk is actually a WordPress Plugin combined with specific functions in Swift Tasks, the social tasks & project manager.

It’s no less powerful – it’s actually *more* powerful than competing products because it its design. Helpdesk is a subset – a section of tasks – within your Swift Tasks application.

The Swift Helpdesk system is actually 2 parts:

  1. A knowledgebase for users to self-serve and peer-serve help and support, so you just need to answer a question once. Note this page you’re reading,, is an example of Swift Helpdesk
  2. A specialized task intake form. If you open a support request, the system will do everything it can to have you help yourself – and thus not eat up our human time. If you don’t find what you need, no problem, but over time, nearly every question will have been answered, and the logic and machine intelligence behind this will automatically help users, with no human intervention other than the one-time creation of help files (with updates, if your product evolves like ours does).

To get set up:

  1. You’ll need a WordPress site. If your main website is running wordpress, great, if not, you might want to setup a subdomain like “” or “” or even a dedicated help domain like
  2. Once set up, install the plugin from the usual way
  3. Setup a helpdesk form at – pay special attention to the lower right side and add a tag like “helpdesk”. This will auto-tag every incoming task request.
  4. Embed that form onto your helpdesk’s contact page and you’re done.

That’s the basics – need more help? Let us know and we’ll record a video.