Academy Welcome

Swift Academy is solid and working, just very simple for the moment.

Here’s how to get it set up in minutes:

  1. Ensure this page – – is filled out with your info, as the instructor.
  2. Next, IF you are selling this course, go to and create a product. Call it your class name and give it a price. You will come back to this in step 4 so just give it a title and any basic info and hit save.
  3. Next, go to Academy >> As Teacher and click create course – here at In the popup, link to the e-commerce product you just created if you are selling it.
  4. Next, after saving step 3, go back to and click on the e-course / e-commerce product you just made in step 2, and in the “After Purchase” box, ensure “Deliver e-Cource” is selected and your course chosen. This will ensure anyone who buys your course actually gets it.

That’s it! It’s that simple.

We’ll add more training as needed – the system works fine, it’s just simple and basic, but if you need specific features, let us know.