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Here’s a great way to get set up really quickly – try this, then you’ll find you can easily edit as needed.

  1. Click on and add a few category-tasks that will actually be *folders*. Example: Personal, Operations, Sales & Marketing. Every task in Swift Tasks is also a folder with unlimited hierarchy.
  2. Next, if you have staff you delegate to or clients you share tasks with, add tasks for that – example “John ClientName” or “Sally VendorSupplier”, or “Susan EmployeeName” – you get the idea.
  3. Once created, you can nest unlimited tasks below each of those in any hierarchy. You can easily re-parent, so if a task goes from sales and then is sold and becomes responsibility of operations, then goes back to sales for referrals and follow-up, that’s easy to handle. Just rough things in and as you get familiar, it’ll be easy to change as needed.
  4. Next, create workrooms. We have a few types of workrooms- note a workroom is just an agreed-upon page to collaborate with a freelancer, worker, client, supplier, or whole team, even a whole company. Simply share a task with whomever you like and any subtasks will inherit the permissions and sharing of it’s parent. To create a workroom, go to Task >> Settings at and click Add New on the right. I recommend “Task Based Workrooms” to start, and simply nest any tasks shared to that person below this task. Later, you can get more fancy (more powerful but more complex) with tag-based or sharing-based workrooms.

That’s it!

That’s of course the overview… if you need more help, let us know and we’ll record a video.