5 Minute Setup of WordPress Electronic Signature

  1. First, install the plugin. The easiest and fastest – no FTP required – is login to your WordPress control panel >> Plugins >> Add New, search for “Swift Signature” and click “Install Now” and then the blue “Activate”Wordpress e-Signature
  2. Next, a small alert box will show at the top, asking if you want the plugin to auto-create 2 pages for you, (Click Yes) which will be:
    1. eSign — a very basic starter page which you can modify as needed, and…
    2. thanks – the page we’ll redirect users to after e-signature is done. Note: you can also redirect the user to payment after signature, or signature after payment, etc. – but for now, setup the basics and get it working, then add features as needed.
  3. Next, you’ll need to create a Swift  Signature account here. Once you’ve signed up and are logged in, click https://swiftcloud.io/form/create-form and create a form. Give it a name – Test Form is fine for now, you can rename it anytime – and hit save. Note the number that’s generated in the URL or if you click “Install”:
    eSignature in WordPress
  4. Before you leave the form, on the right side “after capture” section, drop in a URL for your signors to be dropped onto – typically a page just called “thanks”. Swift Signature will redirect the user back to that page after the signor slicks Sign & Send. For now, just enter http://YOURWEBSITEHERE.com/thanks and then later, create a page with thanks as the slug / URL.
    Wordpress eSignature
  5. Next, you need to take that number and drop it into your form – take note of that number and drop it into the form, like so (replace the 123 with your form-number)
    e-sign wordpress
  6. Hit Publish. You’re done! Well, done with a sketch – by now, you should have the basics working. Note if you have a free account, PDFs of the signed docs are stored online, not emailed to you (paid accounts will get PDFs to both signor and you, the recipient form-owner).